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Requirements for New First Year, Transfer and Graduate Students to complete AlcoholEDU and Sexual Assault Prevention Courses 

Clayton State University, through the University System of Georgia, has partnered with Everfi to offer online online courses to help students develop critical skills to make more thoughtful and educated choices outside the classroom. Alcohol Edu for College will help empower students to make well-informed decision about alcohol and help you to reflect on an consider college drinking related issues. Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates and Graduates will help students learn about healthy relationships, the importance of consent and being a good communicator and the many ways students can help create a safe and positive campus environment. This page will answer frequently asked questions regarding the Sexual Assault Prevention and AlcoholEdu course requirement.

Who is required to take the course?

  • First Year students are expected to complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates course and AlcoholEDU (this includes Dual Enrolled students).
  • New Transfer students are expected to complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates course.
  • New Graduate students are expected to complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Course.

How do I access the courses?  You will receive and email with the course link. You can also go to: and login with your CSU credentials.

What is the deadline to complete the courses?

Part 1 of  AlcoholEDU  and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduate and Graduate Students must be completed by August 31, 2022.

Part 2 will be available to students 30 days after the completion of Part 1.

The Deadline to complete Part 2 is October 31, 2022.


Failure to complete the course may result in a registration hold being placed on your account. A registration hold on your academic record will limit your access to registration, grades and transcripts, so it is imperative complete the courses by the established deadline to avoid any disruption or inconvenience of your academic progress

How long will the course take? Each course will take approximately 2 hours to complete and you may take the course in multiple sittings.

I took the course but I still have a EA or EU/EG hold on my account? The hold will be automatically removed within 24 hours of completing the course. If the hold is still on, please verify that you have completed all course modules. If the hold, is still present please contact the Office of Community Standards at 678-466-5444 or

I am a transient or transfer student from another institution and I completed the course there? Due to course updates and Clayton State specific information, student will be required to complete the Clayton State Course.

Other Important Course Information

    • Work at your own pace from any computer or tablet
    • Courses will save your progress if you need to stop and return later
    • Courses are best supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (preferred), or Microsoft Edge
    • Need more help? Contact EVERFI’s tech support using “Help” within the course or by visiting

 Additional Questions If you still have questions regarding the courses, please contact the Office of Community Standards at 678-466-5444 or via email at