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Housing Frequently Asked Questions


Laker Hall Rates

Laker Village Rates

Housing and meal plans rates are set annually for the academic year. Housing contracts last for 11.5 months covering the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Room and meal plan charges are posted directly to the resident's university account and available financial aid funds can be used to pay all or some of the costs. All tuition, housing, and meal plan charges must be paid in full prior to move-in, and students with a balance due will not be permitted access to their room/building.


The housing fee includes use of a furnished assigned room space, suite and common area amenities, laundry and all utilities such as electric, water, xFinity Wi-Fi, and refuse.

Students planning on living in University Housing (Laker Hall or Laker Village) who meet the full-time enrollment requirement should apply and submit the required nonrefundable application fee through the University Housing website as soon as possible. Housing application and contract deadlines are posted on the university housing website.

University System of Georgia students are eligible to live on campus at Clayton State University. Valid proof of enrollment is required for each term of residence. 

Residents of Laker Hall floors 1-3 are required to select and purchase a Blue or Blue Plus mealplan option that consist of a combination of meals per week and Dining Dollars. Laker Hall students residing on the Penthouse floor must select from the Block 50, Blue, or Blue Plus meal options.

New Laker Village students must select a Block 50, Blue, or Blue Plus meal option. Returning Laker Village students have the option, but are not required to select a mealplan.

Ideally, a resident must be a full-time student enrolled in at least 12 credit hours for the fall and spring semesters (three (3) minimum for Summer term) in order to reside in University Housing. A resident must receive special permission from the Dean of Students to remain in housing if he/she drops below the minimum required credit hours.

Each resident is financially responsible for paying the housing fee for the period that is selected on the original contract. A Housing Cancellation Request form must be submitted through the housing portal to request a cancellation. In most cases, a termination fee will be assessed to the student based on the date of termination and in accordance termination fee schedule, unless the student qualifies and provides documentation for waiver of the termination fee as specified in the official contract.

Those unqualified or approved for a cancellation would remain responsible for the housing rate.

There are a variety of safety and security features on campus and as well as in University Housing facilities. Such features include a campus security center, 24-hour police patrol, and an emergency alert system. In addition, residence facilities are equipped with a number of interior and exterior security cameras and there is a 24-Hour Service/Community Desk in the lobby area of Laker Hall. LakerHall has swipe card access into the building and the suite, and each individual bedroom has its own key. Laker Village apartments have swipe card access, and each individual bedroom has its own key.

As is the case at any institution, students should take all reasonable safety precautions, walk in groups at night, and be aware of surroundings at all times.

Other than authorized University Housing staff, only students who are residents of a university housing facility will have access to that building, suite, and room. The resident will need to swipe his/her Laker Card, in order to access these areas. All guests, including parents and other relatives, must have the resident's permission to enter, show valid photo ID, be escorted by their resident host at all times.

In the event of a serious situation such as a fire or medical emergency, a resident should immediately contact Public Safety by calling (678) 466-4050. Residents may contact the Laker Hall 24-Hour Community Desk, (678) 466-5130, for general assistance and other inquiries.

University Housing and Residence Life employs a 24-hour staff including over 30 Resident Assistants who reside throughout the housing and are available to assist residents. In addition, the 24-Hour Community Desk at Laker Hall staff is trained to assist residents with issues from maintenance to emergencies. Each Resident Assistant has specific days/times when they are "on-duty." There is always at least one Resident Assistant on-duty during nights/weekends. The professional staff will work in the office in the residence hall during business hours. There is always an administrative staff member on-call 24/7 to respond to emergency situations.

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