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Freshman Live-On Requirement

Any undergraduate freshman or transfer freshman new to Clayton State University with fewer than 30 earned credit hours is required to live on campus in Laker Hall. This requirement includes students accepted by the Office of Admissions as a first-time, full-time student (12 credits per semester or more) or transfer student.

This policy has been designed to promote student success and to enhance campus life at Clayton State University. Students living on-campus will be afforded the opportunity to participate in a "Living-Learning Community" and will have additional access to educational, social, and cultural programming.

You may use the information below to determine whether or not you are eligible for an exemption to the freshman live-on requirement. If you fall into the Eligible for Exemption category for any of the reasons, you are able to request an exemption to the requirement. Please note that exemptions must be requested if you seek to secure an exemption. 

Students who feel that they may have circumstances which might exempt them from the live-on requirement may request an exemption through the online process below. 

Exemptions to the Live-on Requirement

Additional Note About Exemption Requests: Please be advised that, because of the strong foundation that an on-campus experience provides for a new full-time student, few exemptions to the live-on requirement (except for categories listed) will be approved. In addition, "unique circumstance" exemptions must be fully supported with documentation which demonstrates that a student will have a more successful college experience living away from the campus. "Financial concerns" typically is not a reason for an exemption to be approved. Students who anticipate having difficulties with college expenses, including housing costs, should contact the Office of Financial Aid for assistance in determining eligibility for federal education grants and loans.

A first-time and transferring freshman student may be eligible for exemption from the First-Year Live On-Campus Requirement based on one of the following exemption criteria:

  1. Age Student reaches the age of 21 prior to the first day of classes of his/her enrollment term. This exemption is automatically applied based on student's birth date.
  2. Marital Status Student is married. Required Documentation: A copy of the certified marriage license must be uploaded via the online submission form.
  3. Legally Responsible for Minor Dependent Children Student, regardless of his or her age, is legally and financially responsible for the care of a minor dependent child requiring alternative off-campus housing. Required Documentation: Birth certificate(s) and/or other legal proof that you are responsible for dependent child(ren) must be uploaded via the online submission form.
  4. Live at a Permanent Address in Eligible Zip Code (see list below) with Parent or Legal Guardian Student is a "dependent" living with a parent or legal guardian at a permanent address within one of the following zip codes near the Morrow campus:  30236; 30238; 30260; 30273; 30274; 30294; 30297.  Only these zip codes will be approved for an exemption with qualifying eligibility. This exemption is automatically applied based on student's permanent address listed on his/her Admissions Application. Students who, after admittance, move with a parent or guardian to an address with an eligible eligible zip code must upload via the online submission form (1) a copy of student's valid driver's license showing permanent address and (2) a notarized letter from student's parent(s) or legal guardian verifying student's dependency status at stated permanent address.
  5. Enrollment at Fayette Center location only Student must indicate his/her desire to attend classes only at the Clayton State Fayette Center location in Peachtree City,GA. Approval under this category will result in student's enrollment being restricted to the Fayette Center location. Please note that course availability is limited at this location. This exemption is automatically applied based on the student selecting the Fayette Center location on the Admissions Application.
  6. Unique Circumstances Student has other compelling personal circumstances which necessitate the student living at home or somewhere other than the University campus. Required Documentation: Student must upload via the online submission form documentation which fully supports the personal circumstances and demonstrate why student would have a more successful college experience living off campus.
  7. Medical or psychological condition/disability that requires an exemption from the Live-on Requirement.   Student has a condition/disability that cannot be reasonably accommodated by the University under ADA guidelines. Required Documentation:  Student must contact the Disability Resource Center to provide appropriate documentation from a qualified medical professional for review and evaluation. If documentation (as indicated above) is required for your exemption request, please fill out the form below.

Requests for exemption must be submitted according to the following schedule:

  • July 1 for Fall Semester Enrollment
  • December 1 for Spring Semester Enrollment
  • April 1 for Summer Term Enrollment

Submit Housing Exemption Form