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Teacher Education Accreditation PSC Standards

Standard 1: Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions

  • 1-A: Content Knowledge for Teacher Candidates
  • 1-B: Pedagogical Content Knowledge and for Teacher Candidates
  • 1-C: Professional & Pedagogical Knowledge and Skills for Teacher Candidates
  • 1-D: Student Learning for Teacher Candidates
  • 1-E: Knowledge and Skills for Other School Professionals
  • 1-F: Student Learning for Other School Professionals
  • 1-G: Professional Dispositions for All Candidates

Standard 2: The Assessment System and Unit Evaluation

  • 2-A: Assessment System
  • 2-B: Data Collection, Analysis, and Evaluation
  • 2-C: Use of Data for Preparation Program Improvement

Standard 3: Field Experiences and Clinical Practice

  • 3-A: Collaboration Between Professional Education Unit and School Partners
  • 3-B: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Field Experiences & Clinical Practice
  • 3-C: Candidates' Development & Demonstration of Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions to Help All Students Learn

Standard 4: Diversity

  • 4-A: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Curriculum & Experiences
  • 4-B: Experiences Working with Diverse Faculty
  • 4-C: Experiences Working with Diverse Candidates
  • 4-D: Experiences Working with Diverse Students in P-12 Schools

Standard 5: Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development

  • 5-A: Qualified Faculty
  • 5-B: Modeling Best Professional Practices in Teaching
  • 5-C: Modeling Best Professional Practices in Scholarship
  • 5-D: Modeling Best Professional Practices in Service
  • 5-E: Professional Education Unit Evaluation of Professional Faculty Performance
  • 5-F: Professional Education Unit Facilitation of Professional Development

Standard 6: Professional Education Unit Governance & Resources

  • 6-A: Professional Education Unit Leadership & Authority
  • 6-B: Professional Education Unit Budget
  • 6-C: Professional Education Unit Personnel
  • 6-D: Professional Education Unit Facilities
  • 6-E: Professional Education Unit Resources Including Technology

Standard 7: Requirements and Standards Specified in Rule 505-3.01

  • 7-A: Admission Requirements
  • 7-B: Reading Methods
  • 7-C: Identification & Education of Children with Special Needs
  • 7-D: Use, Application, and Integration of Instructional Technology
  • 7-E: Georgia P-12 Curriculum
  • 7-F: Professional Ethical Standards & Requirements for Certification and Employment
  • 7-G: Field Experiences Appropriate to the Grade Level and Field of Certification Sought

Standard 8: Alignment with PSC-Adopted Program Content Standards

  • 8-A: Meets Program Content Standards Specified in Rule 505-3. Sections 04-88