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Evidence of Meeting PSC Standards - M.A.T. English Program Standard 3

Teacher Education Accreditation

Standard 3: Field Experiences and Clinical Practice

  • 3-A: Collaboration Between Professional Education Unit and School Partners
    • Teacher Education Advisory Council
    • School Partnership Agreement Form
    • Collaborative Education Efforts
    • School System Letters of Support for MAT

Board of Regents Goal of Producing 80% More Teachers by the Year 2020

  • Situation Analysis
  • Areas of Teaching Continuum
  • Action Plans
  • 3-B: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Field Experiences & Clinical Practice
  • Field Experiences Chart
  • Demographics of the School Sites in which Field Placements that Demonstrate Diversity of Setting
  • MAT Candidate Handbook
  • Candidate Record of Academic Concern
  • Early Release From Program Request Form
  • Clinical Practice Observation Instrument (Modified GSTEP-GTOI)
  • Criteria for the Selection of School-based Clinical Faculty (i.e., Mentors, Lead Mentors)
  • CSU Teacher Education Department Website with MAT Course Syllabi
  • Standards of Conduct Form
  • MAT Clinical Practice Contract
  • Practicum/Clinical Practice Placement Request
  • Mentor Teacher Vitae Form
  • Evaluation of Mentor Teacher Form
  • 3-C: Candidates' Development & Demonstration of Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions to Help All Students Learn
    • MAT Professional Dispositions Assessment Form
    • Georgia Framework for Teaching Matrices
      • Georgia Framework Alignment with Education Courses
      • Georgia Framework Alignment with English Courses
    • Diversity Outcomes Form
    • MAT Pre-Practicum Endorsement Form
    • Practicum Assessment Form - Reflective Journaling
    • Monthly Performance Record
    • Clinical Practice Assessment Form (Form C)
    • Clinical Practice Observation Instrument (Modified GSTEP-GTOI)
    • English Content Faculty Observation Form
    • Observation Log
    • Teacher Work Sample Assessment Table
    • MAT Teacher Work Sample
    • Exit Interview Form
    • Summarized Averages of GACE Courses