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Evidence of Meeting PSC Standards - B. S. Biology (Secondary Education) Standard 6

Teacher Education Accreditation

Standard 6: Professional Education Unit Governance & Resources

  • 6-A: Professional Education Unit Leadership & Authority
  • Teacher Education Department - Unit Organization Chart
  • Teacher Education Programs Governance and Organization
  • Teacher Education Committees & Councils
  • Professional Education Program Committee (PEPC) Minutes
  • Teacher Education Advisory Council Minutes
  • Teacher Education Curriculum Committee Minutes
  • Clayton State University Mission Statement
  • Role of Secondary Education Program Coordinators
  • 6-B: Professional Education Unit Budget
  • Teacher Education Unit Budget Report
  • Summary of Special Budget Funds
  • 6-C: Professional Education Unit Personnel
  • Faculty Vitae
    • Education Faculty Vitae
    • Biology Faculty Vitae
  • Clayton State University Faculty Workload
  • Clayton State University Faculty Evaluation Form
  • Clayton State University Faculty Handbook
  • 6-D: Professional Education Unit Facilities
    • Clayton State University Library Holdings
    • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Report
    • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Academic Unit Plan for the Teacher Education Department
  • 6-E: Professional Education Unit Resources Including Technology
    • Clayton State University Laptop Computer Policy
    • GA-ISTE - Secondary Biology Program
    • LiveText (Electronic Portfolio)
    • Clayton State University Center for Instructional Development
    • List of Resources in Teacher Education Resource Room