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SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.4.3

Comprehensive Standard 3.4.3: The institution publishes admissions policies that are consistent with its mission.

Judgment of Compliance

X Compliance

Compliance Narrative

The Office of Admissions publishes policies that are consistent with Clayton State University's mission to provide outstanding educational and career opportunities for residential and commuter students from a diverse range of ethnic, socioeconomic, experiential and geographical backgrounds. Students are admitted to the university on the basis of merit, without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, or national origin. As outlined on the website of the Disability Resource Center (DRC), applicants for admission with disabilities are considered under the same criteria as any other student; once admitted, students with disabilities are able to access the wide array of services provided by the DRC.

Undergraduate Admission Policies:

Admission policies for undergraduate students are published in the university catalog and on the Recruitment and Admissions website. The Office of Recruitment and Admissions is committed to attracting, enrolling, and providing post-admission support for diverse and well-qualified students who can grow from their experience at Clayton State University and who will be likely to persist to graduation. Admission criteria are in place to assist all undergraduate student types (high school students, transfer, international, non-traditional, homeschool, dual enrollment, transient, auditor, and post-baccalaureate) and are published on the Recruitment and Admissions website. The website also provides a link to the Registrar’s policies and procedures for students seeking readmission.

Graduate Admission Policies:

The admission policies for graduate students are published in the Graduate Catalog and posted on the School of Graduate Studies website. At Clayton State University, the mission of graduate education is to stimulate, encourage and support efforts that build national distinction; these efforts are characterized by innovation and by increasing contribution to the social, cultural, economic, health and technological development needs of Georgia and the nation. The University is committed to excellence, innovation and collaboration in research and in the preparation of professionals for the highest levels of practice.

Supporting Documentation and Links

Undergraduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions