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SACS Federal Requirement 4.6

Federal Requirement 4.6: Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution's practices and policies.

Judgment of Compliance

X Compliance

Compliance Narrative

To ensure that information conveyed in campus publications is accurate and that there is consistency in the published information across the various programs, the Office of University Relations plays an integral role in the development and publication of recruitment materials for undergraduate and graduate programs. All publications listing majors, courses and degree requirements for undergraduate programs undergo a thorough review by Academic Affairs while Graduate program materials are reviewed by the Graduate School.

Recruitment Materials for Undergraduates

Recruitment and Admissions' materials and presentations follow a design process targeted at ensuring an end result that provides an accurate representation of the institution’s undergraduate programs and admissions policies. Primary responsibility for writing and developing recruitment and admissions materials (hard copy and electronic) rests with the staff members of the Office of Recruitment and Admissions. However, Academic Affairs has an important role and the Deans, Department Chairs, and faculty provide core content for each degree and are then asked to review copy during the design phase. Academic Affairs and faculty also review final publications for accuracy of content, requirements, and deadlines prior to production. Since it is critical that quality standards are maintained, all information is accurate, and that the content is congruent with the institutional image as set forth in the University Image Guide, senior staff members from the Office of Admissions also sit on the University Image Council.

A systematic review for continuation and accuracy of existing materials is conducted annually in the late spring. Creation of new materials (hard copy and electronic) is ongoing; once developed, new materials are folded into the annual review cycle in late spring.

To ensure compliance with state regulations and to receive the highest quality materials for the available resources, Admissions works with both the university’s media services department and university procurement. Publications are printed both on campus and at approved off-campus sites to maximize the balance between cost and production quality.

Recruitment Materials for Graduates

Responsibility for the production of recruitment materials for graduate programs rests with the School of Graduate Studies. Care is taken to ensure that all such materials accurately represent the institution's graduate practices and policies.

Graduate Program Coordinators are appointed members of the faculty within the various disciplines represented by graduate programs; these coordinators assist in the design and development of recruitment materials that are returned to the School of Graduate Studies for review. Admissions and Recruitment staff also review and approve content of all recruitment materials and the various program brochures. Reviewers ensure the accuracy of admissions deadlines and requirements as well as program information. Recruitment pieces undergo frequent review and are revised as needed, most typically in the summer.

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