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SACS Core Requirement 2.8

Core Requirement 2.8: The number of full-time faculty members is adequate to support the mission of the institution and to ensure the quality and integrity of its academic programs.

Judgment of Compliance

X Compliance

Compliance Narrative

Currently, Clayton State University employs 196 full-time faculty members, including department chairs, deans, and associate deans. During Fall Semester 2009, 79% of the full-time faculty held doctoral degrees with an additional 3% holding specialist degrees. As documented in the Full-time Faculty Profile, the full-time faculty are diverse in both ethnicity and gender. Furthermore, the full-time faculty are qualified to teach the courses they are assigned.

In Fall 2009, a total of 1,191 sections were offered for academic credit. Of those sections, 869 (73%) were taught by full-time faculty and 322 (27%) were taught by part-time faculty. Based on the total number of students and the number of courses offered, the ratio of full- to part-time faculty is adequate to support the mission of Clayton State University. In some departments, the percentage of courses taught by part-time faculty is higher than in others, as is detailed in the Full-time and Part-time Faculty Credit Hours Report. The institution is fully committed to continuing the effort to increase the total number of full-time faculty and the resources allocated to support instruction, particularly in departments where the percentages of part-time faculty are above thirty percent. The Fall 2009 semester's headcount enrollment increased by 8.5% and the student credit hours by 9.8%; while an increase was anticipated, the growth exceeded projections and created increases in the use of part-time faculty in some departments.

During the last five fiscal years, the institution has allocated an average of 44% of the Education and General (E&G) funds for instruction (see Education and General Funds Expenditure Table). The overall full-time faculty salaries and full-time faculty salaries by rank are above average based on data from the IPEDS feedback report as well as University System of Georgia regional university data.

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