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On-Campus Recruiting & Interviewing for Students

On-campus interviewing and recruiting schedules

  • On-Campus Interview (OCI) is an opportunity for qualified Clayton State University students and graduates to come on campus and interview with employers for specific job, career, or internship opportunities. Note: Student and graduate are selected for interviews by employer.
  • On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) is an opportunity for qualified Clayton State University students and graduates to ask questions and apply to organizations that come on campus to recruit for job, career and internship positions. Note: No RSVP required.

All current students and graduates of Clayton State University are eligible for OCI and OCR privileges. See Full-Time, Part-Time, and Internship schedules on Laker CareerZone. Email us at Career Services if you have any questions.

On-campus interview with employer

A student or graduate who schedules an on-campus interview should treat the interview as any interview for employment. Each employer determines how to respond to someone arriving late for an interview. You are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time as you would for any employment interview.

“No Show”

Career Services requires a twenty-four hour notice if you need to cancel an on-campus interview. A student or graduate is considered a “no show” if he or she misses an appointment without calling to notify the Office of Career Services.

1st No-Show Offense: If you miss an on-campus interview appointment without notification, you will be required to send an apology email to the employer with a copy to Career Services. The email should explain your reason for missing the appointment without notification. Some employers will no longer consider you for employment if you miss an interview.

2nd& offense: If a second no-show occurs, the student or graduate will lose on-campus interviewing privileges for the remainder of the academic year.


Tips for the Interview

Sample Interview Questions

Dress For Success