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Job Scam Information


Concerned that a scammer has created a fraudulent position to take advantage of you?

The following are some red flags that a posting might be a scam:

  • You are asked to provide or transfer money via e-Bay, PayPal, a credit card, Western Union or bank account;
  • You are asked to send a payment by wire service or courier;
  • You are offered a large payment or reward in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account for depositing checks or wiring money;
  • You receive an unexpectedly large check.

When in doubt, DON’T! Investigate BEFORE you Initiate!

Safety Tips for Your Online Job Search

Laker CareerZone and other online job systems have made it easier for you as job seekers to find positions posted by employers seeking candidates. Unfortunately, the same technology makes it easier for scammers to create fraudulent positions to take advantage of you. While we try to screen employers and the positions they post to Laker CareerZone, it is very important that you as a job seeker exercise common sense and caution. You need to read position descriptions carefully!

Safety Tips For your Online Job Search