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Career Counseling

Clayton State University offers career counseling within the Office of Career Services.

Career Counseling is designed to provide CSU freshmen and sophomores the opportunity to clarify and develop career goals. Some such goals may include discovering personal interests and preferences, selecting a major to match personal interests, developing strategies for career development or advancement, and assessing work-related skills, abilities and knowledge. Since many students pursue higher education to improve their “job situation,” we strive to move students into their “passion.” As such, we use assessments, counseling sessions and information gathering to help students explore possibilities and discover rewarding careers which match their natural skills, talents and abilities. Understanding that many topics discussed are of a personal nature, a high-level of confidentiality and privacy are given to each individual user of career counseling in a one-on-one setting.

Types of Career Assessments Available

What Can I Do With a Major In...


Career Exploration