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Career Assessment Type

Types of career assessments available

  1. FOCUS 2 - A self-generated portfolio which allows you to assess, record and report on several areas of your professional development including needs identification and areas of strength. The FOCUS 2 career system will help you develop an accurate self-assessment of your personal qualities with the following five assessments: work interests-Holland Code, values, personality, skills and leisure time interests. These assessments help pinpoint strengths to better match majors at Clayton State and to identify career options.

    • Work interests (Holland Code) are a reflection of the kind of work-related activities and tasks you most enjoy.
    • Your personality type is a description of how you react to certain situations and people and how you make decisions, organize information, and go about solving problems.
    • Values are a description of what is most important to you in life. For example, you might value earning a lot of money, helping other people, being creative and artistic, having a secure and steady job, etc.
    • Skills are a reflection of your talents and the types of things you easily learn and perform well.
    • Your leisure time interests are a reflection of the kind of leisure related activities you most enjoy.

    Take the FOCUS 2 Assessment. Use the access code lakerpride to create an account.

    After the Assessment
    Students are encouraged to schedule an individual appointment with a career counselor in the Office of Career Services to discuss the assessment results.