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Re-admission & Transfer



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Re-Admission applies to students who have not attended Clayton State in the previous 3 semesters or who have attended another college or university since their last enrollment at Clayton State. Re-Admission is initially processed through the Registrar’s Office to determine academic eligibility.

Note: “Re-Admitted” status is only valid the semester for which you apply and are accepted. In other words, if you are re-admitted for Fall, but your plans change, you will have to re-apply for re-admission another term.

International students interested in re-admission should:

  1. Complete the Re-admission Online Application
  2. Submit a complete and updated Financial Verification Form
  3.  Allow ample time for this process. An I-20 cannot be issued if there are errors, omissions, or unreadable information on the form.
  4. Provide your complete postal address to ISS to receive your new I-20.
  5. Follow the steps under “What’s Next?” in the Pre-arrival section of this website to obtain a new F1 visa.
  6. Check-in personally with ISS upon arrival on campus to avoid cancellation or termination of your I-20. You are not required to attend university orientation, but you may be required to attend international orientation.


Transfer, in this section, refers to immigration records, not academic enrollment or records.

F1 or J1 students are allowed to transfer their SEVIS record between SEVP-certified schools in the U.S and retain the same SEVIS identification number for no additional fee. However, successful transfer of SEVIS records does not obligate a school to transfer academic records, which are a matter of school policy. SEVIS transfer is a matter of federal policy. You should ensure you are academically accepted before requesting a SEVIS record transfer. Source: 8 CRF 214.2(f)(8)


Students may transfer to Clayton state from another institution. You should consult with your current institution on their requirements to release your SEVIS record to Clayton State University. Students who are "in status" are not required to leave the US or pay additional SEVIS fees, even if their visa has expired.

  1. Complete all Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions requirements
  2. Submit a completed Transfer In-Request Form
  3. Receive your new I-20 from Clayton State.
  4. Check-in with ISS/Attend new international student orientation. Note: Failure to complete step 4 within 30 days of the semester start date will result in the termination of your I-20 or DS-2019, and you will be out of status.


Students may transfer out to another SEVP approved school for the same reasons that students may transfer-in.

  1. Obtain and sign a SEVIS transfer form from your new school. This form can be obtained from the ISS.
  2. Provide the form to Clayton State ISS along with proof of academic acceptance. Clayton State ISS will then complete the form and fax or mail it to your new school as required. The form will set a “release date” of your SEVIS record to the other school.
  3. Once your SEVIS file transfers electronically overnight, you are the new school’s responsibility for immigration purposes.

Transferring While Out-of-Status:

Students who are out of status may still be eligible to transfer, depending on various factors and time limits. Consult the ISS of the school you currently attend or where you were last enrolled for more details on this situation. The “I-20 Reinstatement -- Information and Process” form located in the ISS forms channel may be helpful.