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Library Renovation

Project Interior Design: Facilities Team

Construction Dates: Completed January, 2016

Project Scope

This is a renovation of 30,000 GSF (Library Portion) and the remaining space on the lower level previously occupied by other departments. A case study had been performed by McMillan/Pazdan/Smith architectural firm in 2012. Renovations started in 2013 and was accomplished in phases, keeping the Library operational and available to students during the construction.

As a result Library space is utilized much more efficiently; interior space was enhanced by open floor plan and daylight entry deep into floor space; the reference collection was reorganized onto 42" shelving to allow uninterrupted views throughout the library interior and scenic view of the lake; the archives area was expanded with a high profile reading room; adequate staff work space and collection storage was provided; lower level was equipped with high density shelving units.

Summary of new Library space:

  • 2 conference rooms
  • 1 presentation room
  • 60 seat study room
  • 128 connections Information Commons
  • 104 carrels
  • 10 group study rooms
  • 54 seat quiet rooms
  • 70 seat bibliographic instruction room
  • 96 table seats
  • 115 seat lounge area


  • Make library space more efficient
  • Accommodate future growth
  • Increase student accommodation
  • Increase shelving capacity and archives
  • Provide study rooms for students and increase network access

Before and In Progress