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Athletics & Fitness Gym Renovation

Architect: 2WR Inc., James Stephenson

Contractor: Southern Flooring

Project Cost: $121,773

Construction Dates:Completed Fall 2012

Scope of Work: Clayton State University upgraded its lighting options in the Summer of 2012 and completed an extensive lighting upgrade for its 14, 280 square feet renovation project of basketball arena at the Athletics & Fitness Center. The upgrade was designed, installed and completed by C.E.M certified Facilities Management professionals from Clayton State University. The project was designed to reduce energy consumption and maintenance requirements throughout the arena. The project also integrated sustainable lighting application with functionality, operations and maintenance. A total of 85 LED Highbay lights now illuminate basketball arena, replacing 72 fixtures of 400watt metal halide lamps. This improved the functionality of the arena, producing a higher light level and more light uniformity in addition to tremendous energy savings. A comprehensive LED update will showcase annual energy saving of 29.6% and projected annual energy savings of 39,024 kWh and potential of 133 Million BTUs per year in cooling load.

Gym Floor After

Gym Floor before