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International Student Tuition & Fees 

International students with F1 or J1 visas are considered non-residents for tuition purposes in Georgia, regardless of the time they have spent living in Georgia. This is a regulation of the University System of Georgia Board of Regents for all public colleges and universities in the state. For details, see “Section Non-Citizens.”

The costs of public higher education are subsidized through taxes on the permanent residents of that state. Therefore, those with non-immigrant status from outside the state of Georgia, including international students, are subject to unsubsidized, “out of state” tuition. Exact rates and fees may vary by program.

Question: Why are tuition and fees in the charts above different than the amount required on the financial verification form I received from Admissions for my I-20?

Answer: For the purposes of obtaining an I-20, a standard amount has been set to reflect the total estimated costs of not only tuition and fees, but also living expenses (room and board), international health insurance, and books for one year. Therefore, the total costs are higher than just tuition and fees.