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Online Assessment Techniques

Use your results from the online Teaching Goals Inventory to choose a technique below.

  Higher-Order Thinking Skills Basic Academic Success Skills Discipline-Specific Knowledge & Skills Liberal Arts & Academic Values Work & Career Prep Personal Development
Annotated Portfolios X   X   X  
Background Knowledge Probe   X X      
Classroom Opinion Polls       X   X
Ethical Dilemmas       X   X
Minute Paper   X X      
Misconception-Preconception Check   X X      
Muddiest Point   X X      
One Sentence Summary X X     X  
Pro & Con Grid Technique X     X   X
Self-Confidence Surveys         X X

Adapted from: Angelo, T. A., & Cross, P. K. (1993). Classroom assessment techniques (2nd ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.