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Administrative Unit Assessment

Clayton State University administrative support units are assessed annually. The Office of the Provost supports this assessment and provides reports to the president. Each unit engages in a cycle of annual effectiveness review by submitting an AUA (MAAR) Report no later than July 1 for the previous fiscal year to The Office of the Provost reviews the plans and provides written feedback. Next, during July and August, the unit lead(s) meet with the president to discuss results and plan for the upcoming year. This planning facilitates evidence-based, data-based decision-making for the upcoming year, continuous improvement, and excellent service for the community.

Steps for Administrative Unit Assessment

 Develop a Plan

  1. Define unit mission.
  2. Determine 2-3 mission-critical assignments.
  3. Establish effectiveness goals (2-3 expected outcomes).
  4. Develop performance measures, criteria for success.
  5. Identify data collection.

Collect and Analyze Results

  1. Collect data.
  2. Analyze data and achievement of outcomes.
  3. Identify changes/actions for continuous improvement.

Submit a Report and Develop a Plan

  1. Complete and submit a report.
  2. Meet and reflect on progress.
  3. Implement change/action.