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Kaltura is our newly adopted media platform, which replaces TechSmith Relay. It is integrated directly with Brightspace (D2L) which allows for each course to have a media gallery containing analytics and access to other tools.

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As you start to use Kaltura, you'll notice reference to two distinct areas:

- My Media

- Your My Media area is a collection of all the videos you've recorded or uploaded to the Kaltura platform. Regardless of which class you access your My Media from, it will include the same videos and links.

- Media Gallery

- The Media Gallery is a course specific repository of videos. As you record videos, they are listed in your My Media area. If you wish to publish them to a particular course, you publish them to a specific course's Media Gallery. This is a section specific area for each class. Depending on the class that you access your Media Gallery from, the videos which appear there WILL look different.

With features like automated captioning, video chapters and more, everyone will benefit from this robust media platform. For training needs, please contact us at

The new platform includes:

  • video editing
  • video analytics
  • machine captioning
  • YouTube video upload
  • video quizzing (please email to enable this functionality)
  • video comments
  • MediaSpace
    • This is an area for academic departments to build channels to share videos among other faculty. This can also serve as a public facing page to share videos with the campus community as a whole. 

For video and PDF tutorials on using Kaltura, please visit

PDF tutorials are included in the description field underneath the associated video tutorial.