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Videotaping of Instruction and Events

All requests for videotaping services must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Requests must come from faculty or staff and are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please keep in mind that submitting a request within 48 hours does not guarantee we will be available. Please submit a request as far out as possible to ensure there are no conflicts on your requested date. 

Simple videotaping requests may be made to the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching by email to, or telephone at 678-466-4190. For more in-depth video projects, contact CELT for a preliminary appointment to discuss your project. Please bring the following to the preliminary appointment:

  1. An example (if possible) of the type of project you have in mind
  2. A written description of the project, with the goals you’d like to accomplish through the project and the topics you'd like to address
  3. A written list of scenes you're considering
  4. A time frame for the shooting schedule

Video production services through the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching are only available for the creation of instructional content for courses offered through Clayton State University. Content produced and recorded through CELT is property of Clayton State University with all rights reserved. Capture of events, presentations, and/or performances involving copyright protected or non-original content will require prior appropriate permission through performance licensing, permission, or a Fair Use evaluation.

Requests involving the lecture capture of a course for the duration of the class (full and/or short session) must be made at least one (1) week prior to the start of the semester. Please keep in mind this type of request requires staff to schedule recurring calendar appointments weeks in advance to help prevent availability conflicts. At least one preliminary meeting is necessary to discuss the course and video needs to ensure CELT is properly prepared to capture video that best meets the needs of you and your students.

Please email to schedule a meeting if you'd like to discuss classroom lecture capture or other types of video services.

Any video project which involves promotion of the University, such as testimonials, events, and other activities which are marketing or brand related should first be discussed with The Office of Marketing and Communications

Permissions and Releases

You are responsible for making sure that those in attendance know that an event will be videotaped and by participating, they are giving consent to be videotaped. This can be done by posting a sign outside of the venue or indicating on the program that there will be videotaping.

If your video or portions of your video will be used for commercial or other use outside of Clayton State University, you will need to have those in attendance sign a release indicating that they are giving permission to use their image, comments, etc., for those purposes. If you decide after a video is made to use it for one of the purposes previously described, it is your responsibility to get releases and permissions signed from all of those who are seen on the video. Please download the Release Form and distribute prior to the start of the event.

If your event is going to include children under 18 or sensitive populations, you will need to have permission and releases signed before we will videotape the event.

After your videotape is complete, your project can be put on a DVD to be picked up in CELT or mailed through campus mail. If more than one DVD is requested, you may be asked to reimburse CELT for the cost of the DVDs. Please allow adequate turn-around time for the finished product.