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Request a Customized Faculty Development Opportunity

We offer a variety of customized faculty development opportunities designed to meet your teaching, instructional technology, and assessment needs. If you would like to request a development opportunity listed below or if you have a suggestion for an opportunity not listed here, please contact us at

Designing Your Course

  • Designing Problems for the Appropriate Student Level
  • Designing and Assessing Problem-Focused Learning Environments
  • Matching Teaching Methods and Learning Outcomes
  • Using Inquiry to Enhance Critical Thinking

Delivering Your Course

  • Techniques for Engaging Students in Their Learning

Assessing Student Learning

  • In-Class Assessment Techniques
  • Developing Rubrics to Assess Problems and Presentations

Learning Outcomes Assessment

  • An Overview of Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Strategies for Putting Learning Outcomes into Words
  • Mapping Program Outcomes to Individual Courses
  • Collecting Evidence for Outcomes Assessment
  • Using Digital Measures for Assessment

Creating a Teaching Portfolio

  • Digital Measures for Administrators
  • Digital Measures for Faculty