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The Academy For Online Course Development

Fall and Spring Semesters Annually

The Academy for Online Course Development focuses on quality online instruction and best practices, and guides faculty through the stages of designing, assembling and teaching a course online.

About the Academy

The Academy for Online Course Development is a 9-week hybrid course designed to support faculty who want to develop their first online course or improve an existing online course. Participants learn skills and strategies for effective online teaching, and receive first-hand experience interacting and communicating within the LMS environment used to teach online courses.

The Academy is offered twice a year, during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Academy instruction models the strategies that instructors use in their own online courses. Since this is a hybrid course, presentations are face-to-face, synchronous, asynchronous and hands-on workshops. The online course development process involves a thorough examination of course structure, content presentation, learning outcomes, instructional strategies and assessment techniques while maintaining a focus on student engagement and active learning.

The Academy program includes topics such as standards for online courses, course organization, online teaching methods, learning objectives, assessments techniques, engagement strategies, and learner support. Participants in the Academy have opportunities to consult with Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) staff in the development of an online course and have access to media production assistance from CELT staff.

The Academy is divided into two parts: instruction and course evaluation.

Full-time and part-time faculty who complete the instructional component of the Academy successfully may be eligible to receive a stipend. Participants who complete the Academy for the first time will receive a $600.00 stipend. Participants who have completed an Academy in the past will receive a $300 stipend. After completing the instructional component successfully, full-time and part-time faculty who develop an online course that meets the Clayton State Standards for online courses may be eligible to receive an additional stipend. Participants who develop an online course through the Academy for the first time will receive an additional $600.00 stipend. Participants who have successfully completed an online course through the Academy in the past, will receive an additional $300 stipend. In order to receive a certificate of completion a participant must successfully complete both (instructional and course review) components.

Developing a New Distance/Hybrid Course

Developing an online course requires a significant investment in planning, organization and iterative design prior to offering the course. CELT staff bring their experience and knowledge of online learning as well as emerging technologies to ensure that your course is the best it can be. Your online course development should begin at least one full semester prior to the expected launch of your course. All courses need to be completed prior to the semester they are to be offered.

Development Stage 1

- meet with Academy staff to review course goals and potential instructional content. - identify course goals and description - identify student needs - develop a draft syllabus - develop a draft course schedule - identify textbook(s) and/or any external resources - conceptualize interactions you would like to establish for your course - complete prescribed Academy online course instructional modules (Brightspace)

Development Stage 2

- begin development of your course - schedule video production needs (if any) - align graded activities with course goals - provide statement of objectives - add learning materials (readings, presentations, videos, etc.) to course - add discussion questions - add assignments - add assessments - post a welcome announcement and/or an instructor introduction.

Development Stage 3

- test drive the course as a student making certain that all content is complete - create a plan for continuous improvement

Development Stage 4

- Submit new online course for Online Course Standards evaluation.

A faculty member who has successfully completed the Academy previously may apply again but will only be eligible for a $600.00 stipend.

Next Academy

Spring 2020Begins 12/23/19 - 1/23/20

The selected participants will be notified on January 24th and the first session is February 7th.


Academy Standards for Online Courses (annotated PDF)