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The LightBoard is a creative and innovative way to deliver content to students. This tool offers instructors teaching seated, hybrid or online courses a new way to explain a difficult concept, topic, or provide instructions to students before the next class session. The instructor uses florescent markers on a glass board illuminated with LEDs to give the appearance of writing in thin air. With the magic of post-production we reverse the image to give the effect that you're writing directly in front of your students. 

Images and other forms of content can also be superimposed to allow instructors optimum creativity.

The original LightBoard concept was developed by Professor Michael Peshkin at Northwestern University.

Reserving the LightBoard

To reserve LightBoard studio time please contact us at or 678-466-4190. When scheduling studio time please have at least two dates/times selected in case of a scheduling conflict.

Best Practices

  • Since the LightBoard has to be erased after each use, which takes some time, it works best for small chunks of lecture content.
  • Your attire must not contain any visible logos or text. Since we reverse the image in post-production any visible logos or text on clothing will appear backwards.
  • Your attire should be light in color so you do not disappear against the black backdrop. However, we advise against wearing white due to the lighting conditions.
  • Avoid standing directly behind content while writing.
  • Content presented must not be under copyright protections or permission must be granted from the copyright holder.

LightBoard build information

LightBoard Build info

>Please continue to check back for more video updates and usage samples.