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At Clayton State, we seek to build a diverse student body made up of engaged learners. We want freshman candidates who will be successful in a challenging classroom environment.

If you have graduated high school within the last five years and have never attended another college other than for dual enrollment credit while in high school, you are considered a freshman.

Freshman Admission Quick Links:

Important Announcement

If you are considering applying to Clayton State for freshman admission, there's great news! Applying just got easier through Summer 2025. Following the University System of Georgia's test-optional initiative, Clayton State will not require incoming freshmen to submit ACT/SAT scores for admission. Read the Test Optional Note section below for more info.

Got questions? 

Email us at, call us at (678) 466-4115 for general questions, or reach out to your admissions counselor for individualized support.

Traditional Freshman Admission Requirements

Apply online via GAfutures (recommended for Georgia residents) or Common App.

Fee waivers cannot be attached to the online application at this time.  Access our Fee Waiver policy for more details.

Need help with the application process? Watch the video below!

Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable $40.00 application fee. Online applicants must use a credit or debit card to pay the application fee.

Applicants must submit a final official transcript upon graduation high school. Official transcripts must have the institution’s seal and must be presented in an unopened official envelope from the sending institution.

Once we receive your transcript, you can attend orientation and register for classes.

Submit an Official Transcript

We can accept your transcripts in-person, by mail, or electronically.

You may mail or deliver your transcripts to:

Office of Recruitment and Admissions
Edgewater Hall, Suite 150
2000 Clayton State Boulevard
Morrow, GA 30260-0285

We currently accept electronic transcripts from E-Transcript providers such as:

If your previous school(s), college(s), or universities offer this service, submit official transcripts to:

Submit Official GED Scores

If you have earned a GED diploma, you will need to request your official score transcript to be submitted to Clayton State. Your scores must be presented in a sealed envelope, or electronically, from the testing provider.

Required High School Curriculum Units

Transcripts must include coursework in the following required subjects:


4 units


4 units


4 total units

Social Science

3 units

Foreign Language

2 units of the same foreign language* 2 units of American Sign Language may also be used to satisfy this requirement.

International Credentials

You must submit all official transcripts from your high school. All transcripts must be in English; if not in English, they must be translated by a certified company. Please submit the certified translations along with your original official transcripts in the indigenous language.

Clayton State University requires that all international academic documents (transcripts, mark sheets, certificates, leaving examination results, etc.) be formally evaluated by an independent evaluation service, which can be found below:

*High school transcripts: document-by-document with GPA (For test optional eligibility consideration)

*College/University transcript: course-by-course evaluation

All official evaluation and authenticated attached transcripts must be either sent by mail directly from the evaluation service to the address below, or electronically to

You may mail or deliver your transcripts to:

Clayton State University
Office of Recruitment and Admissions
Edgewater Hall, Suite 150
2000 Clayton State Boulevard
Morrow, GA 30260-0285

  • Traditional freshman applicants must also have a minimum cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in academic subjects as calculated by the institution for admission purposes WITHOUT a passing test score OR 2.0 in academic subjects as calculated by the institution for admission purposes WITH a passing test score
    • Academic subjects include the Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) units of English, Math, Social Science, Science, Foreign Language, and AP Computer Science. For admission purposes, the applicant's GPA will be calculated using grades in these subjects only. Grades earned in elective classes (e.g. Art, P.E., Yearbook) will not factor in the GPA calculation for traditional freshman admission to Clayton State University.

Submit Official ACT/SAT Scores

Submitting Official Test Scores to Clayton State

When requesting scores, use Clayton State University's College Board code #5145 for the SAT test. Use Clayton State University's ACT code #0803 for the ACT test.

Minimum scores for admission


480 - Evidence-based Reading & Writing

440 - Math



17 - English or Reading

17 - Math

Take the SAT at Clayton State

Clayton State University periodically administers college entrance and placement exams, including the SAT and ACT, at our on-site testing center. Contact the Testing Center at (678) 466-4495, for more information.

The Clayton State University Testing Center does not administer the National ACT. Go to to locate ACT test locations.

Fall 2023 - SUMMER 2026

Students with a core high school GPA of 3.0 or higher who are applying for freshman admission are NOT required to submit official ACT/SAT scores for admission consideration.

Test score requirements will resume Fall 2026. All students applying for Fall 2026 and beyond will be required to submit ACT/SAT scores for admission consideration.

Core High School GPA

Test scores are not required for freshman admission until Fall 2025, but students are still encouraged to submit them to help strengthen their application. In the absence of ACT/SAT scores, the core GPA on your official final high school transcripts will be used to determine admissions eligibility.

Admissions Eligibility Official Core High School GPA
Traditional admission 3.0 or higher
Summer Bridge 2.6 - 2.9



Other Opportunities For Admission

Dual Enrollment Continuation

Are you currently enrolled at Clayton State for dual enrollment and interested in continuing your education as a college freshman? Check out this quick checklist to learn more about applying for undergraduate admission.

Freshman Transfer

A Freshman Transfer is someone who graduated from high school in the last five years and attended another college/university, but earned less than 30 semester hours or 50 quarter hours of transferable college course credit. 

Application Requirements Freshman Transfer: Graduated within 5 years Earned less than 30 Semester Hours or 50 Quarter Hours
Application for Admission Yes
College Transcripts Yes, minimum 2.0 transferable GPA
High School Transcripts Yes, minimum 2.0 RHSC core GPA
SAT/ACT Scores Yes (Test Optional for Spring, Summer and Fall 2021 only)

Many home-educated students have made Clayton State University their choice for post-secondary education. Learn more about applying as a home school student.

Summer Bridge is an invite-only program designed to support select applicants who show great promise academically but did not qualify for regular admissions based on one or more scores on the SAT or ACT. Learn more about The Summer Bridge Program.




  • Fall:
    • Priority* Deadline - July 15
    • Regular Deadline - Aug. 1
    • Final Document Deadline - Aug. 10
  • Spring:
    • Priority* Deadline - November 15
    • Regular Deadline - Dec. 1
    • Final Document Deadline - Dec. 10
  • Summer:
    • Priority* Deadline - April 15
    • Regular Deadline - May 1
    • Final Document Deadline - May 10

*Benefits of Applying by the Priority Deadline

Applying by the priority deadline offers several key advantages for students:

  • Applying early ensures timely decision notifications, providing more time to plan and reducing the stress associated with waiting for admission decisions.
  • Early applicants receive priority consideration for financial aid and scholarships.
  • Early applicants also have enhanced opportunities for securing spots in desired academic courses and preferred housing options.