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Fifth Year Interim Report 2010



Please note: Information related to policies, procedures, and handbooks contained in the following sections were current as of the date that the reports were written and may have been changed or updated after 2010.  For the most current information, please access the appropriate area on the Clayton State website.

Name of Institution: Clayton State University

Address of Institution: 2000 Clayton State Blvd., Morrow, GA 30260

Name, title, and contact information of persons preparing the report:

Dr. Micheal Crafton Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, 678-466-4100

Dr. Jill Lane Co-Chair, Fifth Year Interim Report Committee, 678-466-4100

Dr. Donna McCarty Co-Chair, Fifth Year Interim Report Committee, 678-466-4833

Report Sections:


Part I - Signatures Attesting to Integrity

Part II - Institutional Summary

Part III - Compliance Certification

Part V - The Impact Report of the Quality Enhancement Plan

Response Report to Fifth Year Interim Report