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Health Care Management Internships

Gain the necessary real-world experience you need to enter the workforce through a health care management.

Health Care Management students must complete the Internship/Practicum (HCMG 4970) course as part of their program requirements. This course requires students to develop individual learning objectives in collaboration with their faculty facilitator and chosen preceptor(s) at the onset of the course.

The internship will enable students to obtain practical skills, broaden exposure to specialty areas, explore arenas with which they are unfamiliar, and apply theory learned throughout the curriculum.

Deadline for the ILA submission is on or before the following dates:

  • Summer 2024: March 29, 2024
  • Fall 2024: June 21, 2024
  • Spring 2024: November 17, 2023

Internship Resources

Course Override Form – For HCMG students to request overrides into HCMG courses, HCMG 4999 Capstone Course, and HCMG 4970 Internship/Practicum.

HCMG Internship Manual


Frequently Asked Questions

The HCMG 4970 Internship/Practicum is taken your last semester of your senior year.

This course must be taken with the HCMG 4999 Capstone Course.

  • Internship Learning Agreement – signed by preceptor(s) and approved by course instructor(s)
  • Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening — completed by AdvantageStudents, if required
  • Health Insurance, if required
If you fail to provide all documentation on or before the deadline date established each semester by the Internship Coordinator, you will NOT be registered for HCMG 4970. Late forms will not be accepted!
  • Healthcare Finance/Reimbursement
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Managing People
  • Appropriate objectives suggested by the course instructor(s) and/or your preceptor(s)

If you are unsure about what to expect from your internship and have not chosen a site, schedule an appointment to discuss your learning objectives, career goals and a potential site.

To facilitate finding a site, think about what job you are seeking upon completion of graduation. Be realistic!

To further help you define your career goals, ask yourself why you decided to pursue the Health Care Management major originally? Be prepared to discuss where you would like to complete your internship and what you want to learn.

  • Locate a health care facility from local HMO, hospital, doctor’s office, non-profit org, insurance, pharmacy, medical devices company, etc.
  • Meet with the course instructor to discuss learning objectives, career goals, and organization.
  • Meet with your preceptor to discuss objectives and obtain his/her signature.
  • Return “typed written” form – error free to course instructor for approval/denial.
  • If DENIED, you will have to make the necessary corrections before resubmitting.
  • If APPROVED, the form will be forwarded to the Office of Academic Advisement for processing.
  • Student will be added to the course and notified by Advising Office.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Margaret McAllister

Dr. Margaret McAllister
Internship Coordinator
Health Care Management Department
College of Health
Clayton Hall, Room T-113B
2000 Clayton State Blvd
Morrow, GA 30260-0285

Office: (678) 466-4614
Fax: (678) 466-4599