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Dental Hygiene Application Requirements

The Basic Licensure Track of the BSDH program admits one cohort each year. Program admission is separate from University admission. Program applications are available online during designated time periods. Acceptance to this program is competitive, meaning that the most highly qualified applicants will be accepted into the class. Eligibility requirements include completion of core curriculum prior to program enrollment. Size and quality of applicant pool varies, so chance of admission is fluid.

  • Morrow Main Campus - each fall, a cohort of 30 students is selected from 75-100 applicants.

Application Availability

  • Fall - January 1- March 1

The Department of Dental Hygiene cannot address transfer credit inquiries prior to University acceptance and orientation attendance. Transfer evaluations are completed by the Registrar's Office on a course-by-course basis for each student. Transfer articulation should be used as a guide and does not guarantee that your courses will transfer over to Clayton State University.

Step 1—Apply to Clayton State University for undergraduate admission as a transfer student and declare a Health Sciences major; cumulative GPA of 2.80 or above determines eligibility for pre-dental hygiene. Note that transient and post-baccalaureate non-degree seeking University applicants are not eligible for separate dental hygiene application.

Step 2—Complete mandatory online University orientation. Plan to take program prerequisite of HSCI2111-Introduction to the Healthcare Environment during the first semester of enrollment at Clayton State PRIOR to dental hygiene program admission.

Step 3—Submit separate program application including observation of Registered Dental Hygienist and attendance at mandatory program information session.

Steps To seek Fall dental hygiene admission
Step 1 Apply to University for Spring by November 15
Step 2 Complete University orientation by January 1
Step 3 Apply to program for Fall between January 1—March 1

Admission Criteria

  • Minimum 2.80 overall GPA—combination of institutional GPA and transfer GPA (both calculated with last attempt in repeated courses)
  • Minimum 2.80 math/science GPA—calculated with highest attempt in repeated courses
    • A2 Math Modeling or College Algebra (MATH 1101 or 1111)
    • D2 Statistics (MATH 1401/1231)
    • D1 Science sequence I (CHEM1151-1151L or 1211-1211L)
    • D1 Science sequence II (CHEM1152-1152L or 1212-1212L)
    • F1 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (BIOL2251-2251L)*
    • F2 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (BIOL2252-2252L)*
    • F3 Microbiology (BIOL2260-2260L or 3250-3250L)*
  • Completion of all lower division requirements—including the transition course HSCI 2111 - Introduction to the Health Care Environment

Review Process

 March 1-30

Applicants with incomplete files and/or ineligible applicants who failed to meet minimum eligibility requirements and eligible applicants not selected for further review will receive correspondence upon review of program application. Qualified applicants will receive correspondence of letter of intent or letter of acceptance.

April 1

  • Virtual Information Session - mandatory attendance for all eligible applicants

May 1-31

All applicants with a letter of intent or a letter of acceptance will be reviewed to ensure overall GPA, University standing and minimum eligibility requirements remain met upon completion of spring courses. Ranking of applicants with a letter of intent will be conducted and considered for acceptance and/or waitlist based on availability.

May 15

  • Program Orientation - mandatory attendance for accepted and waitlisted applicants

August 1-7

All accepted and waitlisted applicants will be reviewed to ensure minimum eligibility requirements and program prerequisites continued to be satisfied upon completion of summer courses. Waitlisted applicants with courses completed in summer will be re-ranked and considered for acceptance based on availability.