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Pay Online

  1. Click Pay Tuition Now button and Log onto the DUCK
  2. Click onto Student Services
  3. Student Accounts
  4. Account Summary by Term or Account Summary
  5. Scroll to the bottom
  6. On the far right side choose “Credit Card Payment”
  7. Select Term
  8. Submit
  9. Enter credit card information
  10. Submit payment

Pay Tuition Now

Nelnet Payment Plan

  1. Log onto the SWAN
  2. Click DUCK single-sign-on ICON from within SWAN to enter DUCK
  3. In the DUCK, click the "Student Services" tab, then "Student Account" menu
  4. Click "Setup Payment Plan"
  5. Click the eCashier logo at the bottom of the page

For more information on Nelnet please visit

Enroll Now


Payment Methods

Cash, checks, credit cards, money orders, cashier checks, and debit cards. Effective July 1, 2017 we will no longer accept American Express. We do not take payments over the phone, we require an authorized signature. Preferred method of payment is through the D.U.C.K. (Digital Unified Campus Kiosk) using your debit or credit card. If by mail, send checks, money orders, and cashier checks payable to Clayton State University to Edgewater Hall, 2000 Clayton State Boulevard, Morrow, Georgia 30260, Attention: Bursar's Office. The payment must include the student's name and Laker ID#.

Tuition and Fee Regulations

Semester fees are payable on or before registration payment deadlines as published for each semester. A student’s registration process is not complete until payment is made in full. It is the student's responsibility to see that his or her tuition and fees are paid even if the funds are provided by financial aid, scholarship, or some other source.

Checks should be made payable to Clayton State University for the exact amount of the required fees. During the normal registration period, the University accepts payment online or in person by VISA, Discover, and MasterCard subject to validation and approval. (Payment of fees may not be deferred). All fees are due and payable per deadlines published in the Schedule of Classes.

Note: We are unable to accept personal checks during late registration and the schedule adjustment period.