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Registrar FERPA Information

In accordance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Clayton State University is prohibited from providing certain information from a student’s file to a third party. To allow a third party access to information on your records, you must submit one of the following release forms:

To allow information from the Bursar’s Office, the Center for Advising and Retention, the Financial Aid Office, or the Registrar’s Office to be shared with a third party, please use the FERPA Information Release Authorization form. This form requires the creation of a PIN that only the individual(s) specified may use to request information from your student file. Please note that this form only applies to records pertaining to the four offices noted above.

To allow information from any other office or department within the university to be shared with a third party, please submit the Permission to Release Education Record Information (FERPA) form. This form is a one-time release that is valid only for the date on which the form is submitted and allows access only to the specified recipient.

For more information regarding FERPA, please review the FERPA Notification and the FERPA FAQ.