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Course Fee Rates

Course Amount
Applied Music Courses $30.00/course
Film Production Course Fee $32.00/course
Film Studies Course Fee $15.00/course
HFMG Internship Liability Fee $22.00
HFMG Lab Fee $35.00/lab course
Nursing (BSN) Program Fee $283.00/semester
Biology Lab Fee $35.00/course
Chemistry & Physics Lab Fee $35.00/course

Archived Course Fee Rates

Course Amount
UG Business Courses $41
PTC Course Fee $20.00/per credit hour (max $120.00)
MBA Dolce Center Fee $710.00
Nursing Course Lab fees $35.00
IT Software Fee $50.00
Communicative Art Course Fee $35.00/course
Dental Hygiene Lab $15.00/course
Family Nurse Practioner Program Fee $480.00/one-time fee
NURS 6690 Course Fee $319/course
Online Course Fee/Telecourse $15.00/course capped at $75.00
Teacher Education Practicum/Internship Fee $300.00/course
Undergraduate Business Simulation Course Fee $15.00/course