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Interdisciplinary Studies Internships


Internships are extremely beneficial because they give students practical, experiential learning opportunities that strengthen their academic degree. The department of Interdisciplinary Studies offers both undergraduate and graduate internship opportunities. Our majors have secured internships in both the private and public sectors as well as paid internships in some instances. For more information about internships, please contact Dr. Xueyu Cheng at or (678) 466-4893.   

Internship Eligibility

In order to secure an internships, students must meet the following eligibility standards:

  1. Complete at least one full semester at Clayton State University
  2. Good Academic Standing (2.0 GPA or higher)
  3. Junior Standing of 60 semester hours or more
  4. Attend Workshop – Job Search Strategies or speak with Dr. Xueyu Cheng at 

Locating an Internship Agency 

We encourage students to identify an internship industry aligned with their career or professional aspirations. To assist with this process, students can contact Dr. Xueyu Cheng ( or visit Clayton State's Career Services [please click link to access Career Service internship information] which offers important information about internships including a list of agencies where Clayton State students in different disciplines have interned. to locate internships by academic interest, please visit the Career Service, "Where Do I Find Internships?"

Internship Learning Agreement (ILA) Form

In order for students to be registered for the internship course, students must submit an internship learning agreement (ILA) form for review and approval. The ILA is essentially a legal contract between the internship agency and Clayton State University that specifies the prescribed duties and responsibilities of the internship. In general, the ILA form asks students to provide;

  1. Information about themselves (major, contact information)
  2. Internship agency (name, address)
  3. Site supervisor (name, contact information)
  4. List the duties, responsibilities, or activities that will enable you to meet the internship objectives
  5. Obtain signatures (student, supervisor, faculty coordinator – Dr. Cheng)

Click on this link to electronic copy of ILA form - Internship Learning Agreement (ILA) form

Internship Deadline

Students must submit a complete ILA form for approval by the following dates. Please note that the ILA form must be an electronic format. Hard copies or photographed images of the ILA will not be accepted.

  • Fall semester                  July 15th 
  • Spring semester            November 15th
  • Summer semester        July 15th 

Internship Requirements 

Students must complete 150 hours during the semester. It is important to note that the hours must be completed during the semester in which students are registered. As previously noted, students cannot perform internship hours without an approved internship learning agreement (ILA) form. Beyond the hour requirements, students will be expected to (a) complete written assignments, (b) submit time logs, and (c) have a site supervisor evaluation.