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English Student Awards

 Student awards recognize scholars who have achieved academic excellence and have demonstrated leadership in their chosen fields.  

Department of English Awards

Award Winners for 2022

Khumo Simelane — Sharon Sellers First-Year Writing Award, ENGL 1101 for “The Dashboard Girl”

Angela Akintokun — Sharon Sellers First-Year Writing Award, ENGL 1102 for “Glass Children”

Abigail Stanley—Goldberg Scholarly Essay Award for “Interpretations of Race in Byron and Equiano”

Clark Thornton — Stanley Cyrus Award, Creative Nonfiction for “Tales along the Senescent Trail”

Rafael Duque-Davila — Stanley Cyrus Award, Poetry for “The End of Berlin”

Tonjia Dukes — Cygnet Award, Poetry for “Porcupine”

Abigail Stanley — Bill Pasch Senior English Award 


For information on submitting work for an award, contact Dr. Brigitte Byrd.