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Programs and Events

The CSRA has three meetings each year—one in the fall (usually late October or early November), one in the winter (usually the first or second week of February) and one in the spring (usually the last week of April or the first week of May). Members are reminded of the meeting dates through newsletters and emails.

The fall meeting is held on campus during or close to the University's Open Enrollment period.  Part of the meeting is an information session conducted by a representative from the Department of Human Resources (HR). Retirees have an opportunity to receive an update from HR concerning insurance and other benefits and to ask related questions at this session.   Another focus of the fall meeting is to give an opportunity to the recipients of the Teaching & Learning Innovations Grant to present to the CSRA membership their research/experience as a result of their receiving this grant during the previous academic year.  The current CSRA Graduate scholarship recipient(s) are also introduced to the CSRA membership and given an opportunity to speak briefly to us.  Additionally, during this fall meeting, pertinent business matters and other pending matters of interest and concern are discussed. Election of officers takes place in even-numbered years.

Because this fall meeting usually has the largest attendance, another primary purpose of the fall meeting is to give members an opportunity to renew acquaintances and to visit with friends. To accommodate this, coffee and pastries are sometimes served prior to the meeting, and a catered lunch usually accompanies the meeting. Members and members' guests pay for their own lunch.

The winter meeting is an off-campus luncheon with a special speaker. If necessary, business may be conducted, but the primary purpose is to socialize. The Vice-President and the Program Committee select the speaker; suggestions from members are always welcome.

The spring meeting is a New Retiree Brunch held on campus, honoring all the recent retirees of CSU. After the catered brunch, we recognize each new retiree and then usually listen to an appropriate speaker, followed by a short business meeting.

The Retiree Book Club and Breakfast Club are popular social events held monthly, each coordinated by a volunteer member.  Those who attend meet off campus at pre-selected locations.  Members are notified by email of the upcoming Book Club and Breakfast Club meeting places, dates, and times.