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Clayton State Retirees Association (CSRA)


The Clayton State Retirees Association (CSRA) was organized in October 2002 as the result of efforts by a small group of retirees who recognized the need for an organization that would facilitate communication between the University and its retirees. Its mission was intended to represent the interests and welfare of retirees and to give retirees impetus and means for staying in contact with former colleagues.

The Planning Committee included Robert Bolander, Helen Brown, Peggy Capell, Doris Cash, Sandra Missroon, Pat Perry, Winnie Thacker, and Martha Wood. The group worked with Diane Burns and Bryan Edwards from the Department of External Relations. The support extended by this department was instrumental in the formation of the organization.

Since its inception, the association has acted as a vehicle of communication between retirees and the Department of Human Resources (HR) in efforts to streamline procedures involving retirees, to ensure that retirees receive pertinent privileges given to current employees, and to inform retirees of changes in benefits and privileges. In representing the interests and welfare of retirees, the CSRA is proactive in following matters related to retirees and in keeping retirees informed. This is accomplished by disseminating information to its members via meetings, newsletters, and emails. By keeping all members informed of pertinent issues affecting retirees and receiving feedback from its members, the CSRA is able to respond to issues and hopefully exert influence on policy makers.