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Membership in the CSRA

All faculty and staff who have retired from Clayton State University are eligible for full membership in the CSRA.

Friends membership is available to:

  • employees within one year of retirement from active service;
  • employees who have left the service of the university without officially taking retirement; and
  • spouses of retired employees and former employees.

The CSRA needs your support and participation in order to be an effective advocate for retiree benefits at the local level and beyond. The larger the membership base, the more likely our concerned voice will be heard. So, please get involved with the CSRA. Join, come to our meetings, get involved with a committee, and encourage your former colleagues to join.  Membership is maintained through the payment of annual dues of $20.

Online Membership Application
(Use CSRA as the password)

To request a paper copy of the CSRA Membership Form, contact Row Anderson