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By-Laws of the CSRA

Article I - Name The name of the organization shall be the Clayton State Retirees Association, hereafter referred to as 'the CSRA.'

Article II - Purpose It is the desire of the CSRA that retirees, who have spent many years serving the University, can continue to be of service to the University. We believe that the involvement and participation of retirees at Clayton State will be beneficial to the University as well as to the individual retirees. Furthermore, the objectives of the CSRA shall be to facilitate communication between the University and its retirees and to promote support of the University by retirees. In addition, the CSRA shall represent the interests and welfare of retirees and sponsor social and group activities.

Article III - Membership All faculty and staff who have retired from Clayton State are eligible for membership in the CSRA. Membership is maintained through the payment of annual dues, or through payment of a Lifetime Membership contribution (Article VII –Dues).

“Friends of the CSRA” membership is available to

  • employees within one year of retirement from active service who wish to become involved with the organization prior to retirement;
  • employees who have left the service of the university without officially taking retirement;
  • spouse or family member of retired employees and former employees; and
  • friends of retired employees.

“Friends of the CSRA” shall pay one-half current dues, shall receive any notices or information sent to members, and are entitled to participate in all CSRA events and activities. “Friends” may serve on committees, but cannot vote or hold an office.

Ex-officio members of the CSRA may include a representative from the President’s office, representatives from the Office of External Relations, a representative from the Department of Human Resources, and representatives from other areas when appropriate.

Article IV - Officers and Election of Officers

Section 1. The officers of CSRA shall be three elected officers: President, Vice-President, and Secretary. The Treasurer shall be appointed by the Executive Council (Article V) following a recommendation by the President.

Section 2.  The terms of each elected officer shall be two years. All officers shall take office immediately following the fall meeting at which they are elected. Officers may succeed themselves if reelected.

Section 3. The duties of the officers shall be as follows:


  • Shall call and preside at all meetings of both the CSRA general membership and the CSRA Executive Council.
  • Shall act as the official spokesperson.
  • Shall appoint committees as needed, and shall appoint chairs of the committees.
  • Shall, along with the Treasurer, be authorized to make disbursements on behalf of the CSRA with the approval of the CSRA Executive Council.
  • Shall, in collaboration with the Executive Council, prepare an annual budget.


  • Shall perform the duties of the president in the event of his or her absence, resignation, or inability to perform.
  • Shall be responsible for coordinating the program portion of the meetings and for making the arrangements for the luncheon meetings of the CSRA.


  • Shall take minutes of meetings of the general membership and of the Executive Council and prepare them for publication.
  • Shall cooperate with the CSRA President and the Executive Council in sending CSRA correspondence.


  • Shall be responsible for managing the budget approved by the Executive Council.
  • Shall prepare a periodic financial report for the President and Executive Council’s periodic meetings.
  • Shall be responsible for reconciling CSRA financial records—revenues and expenditures—with the CSRA funds of the Clayton State University Foundation.
  • Shall be responsible for authorizing the disbursement of CSRA funds within the parameters of the budget approved by the Executive Council.
  • Shall be responsible, with the President, for conducting a periodic review of the balance in each of the CSRA funds to determine how much money, if any, should be transferred from the Scholarship Holding Fund to the Endowed Scholarship Fund.  As determined annually by the Executive Council, a minimum reserve will be maintained in each of the CSRA’s four funds: the Operating Fund, the Fundraising Fund, the Teaching & Learning Innovations Fund. and the Scholarship Holding Fund. (Article VIII)

Section 4.  In the event of a vacancy resulting from resignation or the inability of an elected member to complete the term of office, the president, in consultation with the Executive Council, shall appoint a replacement.

Section 5.  An Ad Hoc Nominating Committee of three members shall be appointed by the president, in consultation with the Executive Council, in the spring of even-numbered years (beginning in 2004). This committee shall prepare a slate of officers to be presented at the fall meeting of the CSRA in even-numbered years (beginning in 2004). Provisions shall be made at the time of elections for additional nominations to be made from the floor for each office.

Article V - Executive Council

The Executive Council shall consist of the officers, committee chairs, the immediate past president, and any ex-officio, non-voting representatives from the University. Additionally, two at-large members will be appointed by the President to serve ONE, two-year term on the Executive Council. Executive Council members who have served for at least six years may become Emeritus(a) Members upon request with three-quarters approval by the Executive Council. Lifetime EC Members may participate in Council discussions but cannot vote. Meetings will be held at least three times a year unless circumstances require more frequent meetings. The President or any four members of the Council may call a meeting of the Executive Council.

A quorum for business at any duly called meeting of the CSRA Executive Council shall be comprised of 40% of the Executive Council membership.

The duties of the Executive Council shall include:

  • Appointment of the Treasurer.
  • Approval of a CSRA fiscal year operating budget, as well as a budget for each major fundraising event.
  • Planning of meetings and other activities.
  • Consideration of concerns related to the objectives of the CSRA.

Article VI – General Membership Meetings At least three meetings shall be held annually, for business as well as social purposes.  The fall meeting shall be a general meeting at which election of officers, as necessary, can be conducted. In addition to the scheduled meetings, the Executive Council may call other meetings during the year for the purpose of discussing issues for consideration by the membership. A quorum for business at any duly called meeting of the CSRA shall be the members present. The fiscal year of the CSRA shall be October 1 through September 30 inclusive.

Article VII - Dues Dues shall be determined and regulated yearly by the Executive Council for each member, to be paid by October 31. Anyone whose dues are not received by November 30 will be dropped from the rolls. Employees retiring at the end of Fall Semester shall pay their dues by January 15 for membership during the current fiscal year. Any change in dues proposed by the Executive Council shall be presented to the membership at the next scheduled meeting of the CSRA. The new dues shall go into effect at the beginning of the next fiscal year.  Lifetime membership is available to any CSRA member who contributes the amount determined by the Executive Council for a Lifetime Membership.   Lifetime members are entitled to participate in all CSRA events and activities as long as they live and are exempt from paying annual dues. Upon the death of a Lifetime Member, the privileges of a Lifetime Membership are extended to the surviving spouse.

These dues will be used for the ongoing expenses of the CSRA in maintaining contact with its members, promoting the CSRA, supporting the University, and providing for any other expenses approved by the Executive Council.

Article VIII – CSRA Scholarships and Grants The CSRA Endowed Scholarship Fund provides an annual scholarship to deserving graduate students. This fund operates within the guidelines of the CSU Foundation.

The CSRA Teaching & Learning Innovations Grant, initiated in January 2022, provides annual funds to CSU faculty, staff, students, and retirees for the development and implementation of innovative pedagogical methods or resources that enhance the teaching and learning experience at Clayton State.

Article IX - Dissolution In the event there is insufficient interest to warrant continuation of the association, the membership may vote to dissolve by majority vote, in which case any assets of the association shall be contributed to the CSRA Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Article X - Amendment of Bylaws Proposals for amending the CSRA Bylaws should be presented to the Executive Council for approval and subsequent presentation to the membership at the next scheduled meeting. A majority vote of members present is required for amendment of the Bylaws.

Revised November 2023