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Officers and Committee Chairs 2016 - 2018

CSRA Officers

President Jim Braun,
Vice President David Ludley,
Secretary Debra Durden,
Treasurer (appointed) Greg Kordecki,
Past President Martha Wicker,

NOTE: For a description of the duties and responsibilities of the officers, see the Association Bylaws.

At-large Members of the Executive Council

Jill Sears,

Katrina Barnes

Lifetime Member of the Executive Council

Robert Koermer

Committees and Committee Chairs

Benefits Helen Brown,
It is the responsibility of this committee to represent the CSRA with Human Resources, to work to see that retirees have the same miscellaneous benefits from Clayton State as do active faculty and staff, and to keep members of the CSRA informed about their benefits from the University.  

Joyce Swofford, Peggy Capell,

This committee is responsible for the newsletter, the website, and the emails.
Historian Dotty Bumbalough,
This person works with the college archivist to collect, organize, and preserve information related to the CSRA.  Such information should be determined to be of value in preserving significant memories of the history of the organization
Membership Row Anderson,
This committee is responsible for recruiting new members and maintaining a current membership directory.
Program David Ludley, Mamie Jeffreys,  
This committee is responsible for planning and implementing the three programs held in the winter, spring, and fall.
Scholarship Benita Moore, Linda Nash,
This committee works with the Executive Council in overseeing the Clayton State Retirees Scholarship. This involves communicating with the Financial Aid Office, the Graduate School, the Office of Development, and the annual scholarship recipient.
Social To be filled
This committee is responsible for selecting and planning informal social events for the CSRA.
Sunshine Doris Cash,
 NOTE: For a more detailed discussion of the duties and responsibilities of the committees see the Procedures Manual.

Former Officers


President - Helen Brown

Vice-President – Judy Brown

Secretary – Winnie Thacker


President- Don Phillips

Vice-President – Mamie Jeffreys

Secretary – Pat Perry


President- Don Phillips

Vice-President – Joyce Swofford

Secretary – Dianne Jordan


President- Joyce Swofford

Vice-President – Charlcie Neal

Secretary – Dianne Jordan


President- Gene Hatfield

Vice-President – Martha Wicker

Secretary – Joan McElroy


President - Gene Hatfield

Vice-President - Martha Wicker

Secretary - Debra Durden


President - Martha Wicker

Vice-President - Carol Braun

Secretary - Greg Kordecki