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No Show Policy

Effective Spring 2012

FALL and SPRING SEMESTER NO SHOW POLICY (effective Summer 2016)

It is imperative that students have a successful start of each semester by attending class during the first week and no later than the second week of the semester. A registered student who does not attend at least one class session (in person or by electronic equivalent) by the posted deadline on the academic calendar is a “no show”. For students enrolled in an online course, the instructor will provide details on how online attendance will be verified.

Registration will be cancelled for any student who is submitted to the Registrar’s Office as a “no show”. The “no show” student will not be charged tuition for the cancelled course. However, there may be serious financial aid consequences for students who are receiving financial aid, since this will reduce the number of enrolled credit hours.

If students believe their instructor reported them as a “no show” in error, they must contact the instructor immediately to resolve the issue.

A student has the right to appeal the “no show” course cancellation. Appeals must be submitted by email to the dean or designee of the college no later than the last day of the third week of classes. The email must include the reason for not attending during the first two weeks of class and the Laker ID. Consideration will only be given if the student meets all of the following criteria.

  • If previously enrolled, in good academic standing as defined in the Academic Standing section of the Catalog.
  • Recommendation of the instructor for reinstatement into the course.

The Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management has final authority for all appeal decisions.

SUMMER NO SHOW POLICY - students must report by the published deadline in the academic calendar.  Appeals for reinstatement will not be accepted after the second week of the semester.  All other portions of the policy apply to summer semester.

No Show Reinstatement Instructions:

  1. If you believe an error was made by your instructor, please contact the instructor directly to resolve the no show.
  2. If you did not attend class and you meet the criteria listed above, please contact the Dean of your major.
    • College of Arts & Sciences – Dr. Nasser Momayezi, Dean
    • College of Business – Dr. Jacob Chacko, Dean
    • College of Health – Dr. Lisa Eichelberger, Dean
    • College of Information & Mathematical Sciences – Dr. Lila Roberts, Dean
  3. In most cases, the Dean will require you to make a written request for reinstatement. Written requests should come from your CSU email account. Official communication with the university must always come from your CSU account and not your private email address.
  4. Provide the Dean with your LakerID, your full name, course prefix, number and CRN. (Example – MATH 1101 – 23456) and a description of the circumstances that caused you to miss class. Please be advised the Dean may require additional information or documentation depending on your circumstances.
  5. Appeals submitted after the deadline (third week of the semester for fall and spring; second week of the semester for summer) will not be considered.