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Graduation Application Policy

How to Apply for Graduation

If you are scheduled to complete your degree requirements in the upcoming semester, complete the following steps:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to ensure that you are on track to graduate.
  2. Complete a graduation application.
  3. Submit your completed graduation application and accept the assessment of the $35 application fee by the appropriate deadline. A separate application and application fee are required for each degree/certificate sought. Applications will not be accepted without the application fee.

Graduation Application Deadlines

Graduation applications submitted after the published deadline will not be accepted. If you miss the published deadline, you will need to apply for the next available term.


June 1

Final deadline for fall registration


September 15

Final deadline for spring registration


January 30

Final deadline for summer registration

*If the deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline will be extended to the following Monday.

Graduation Application Appeal Process

If you miss the graduation application deadline for the semester you plan to graduate, you must submit an appeal to the Graduation Application Deadline Appeal Committee. The appeal package must include:

  • A completed graduation application (incomplete applications will not be accepted);
  • A graduation application deadline appeal form;
  • A letter addressed to the committee and any supporting documentation to explain why the deadline was missed; and
  • The $35.00 application fee for each application

To ensure a prompt decision, your appeal should be submitted prior to the 15th calendar day of the month. The committee’s decision will be communicated to you via your CSU student email account. The decision of the committee is final.

Graduation Evaluations 

Once your graduation application is received by the Registrar’s Office, an initial evaluation is conducted. Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Depending on the volume of applications received at the time of your submission, the process may take up to four months. The earlier you submit your application, the earlier you will receive your graduation evaluation.

The results of your graduation evaluation will be sent to your CSU student email account no later than the beginning of the schedule adjustment period for the next semester. You should plan to meet with your academic advisor upon receipt of your evaluation to discuss your remaining degree requirements and any notes the graduation evaluators may include.

A final degree audit is conducted when final grades are submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The audit generally takes six to eight weeks to complete. Upon verification of degree completion, you will be notified via your CSU student email account and the USPS mail system that your diploma is available to be picked up in the Registrar's Office.

How to Change an Anticipated Graduation Date

If you receive your graduation evaluation and determine that you will not complete your degree requirements prior to your anticipated graduation date, you must complete a Graduation Change Date form in the Registrar's Office or email Thanh Dong, Graduation Evaluator & Coordinator. A maximum of two requests may be submitted free of charge.

If it is determined during the final degree audit that you have not completed the degree requirements, the graduation evaluator may move your application to a subsequent semester if it is eligible to be moved. Your application is not eligible to be moved if:

  • Your application has been moved two times previously. An application may be moved to a subsequent semester a maximum of two times before a new application is required.
  • You have not enrolled in classes for two consecutive semesters.
  • You are returning from a suspension or dismissal from the University.

If you meet any of the above criteria, you must submit a new graduation application and the $35.00 application fee by the appropriate deadline.

How to Change a Major or Degree

If you wish to change your major or degree type after you turn in your graduation application but before the initial graduation evaluation is completed, you must submit a new graduation application for the same semester as your current application. You will not be charged a new application fee. Be sure to note at the bottom of the updated application that you are withdrawing your previous application

If you wish to change your major or degree type after the initial graduation evaluation has been completed, you must submit a new graduation application for the same semester as your current application and you must pay a new application fee of $35.00 to cover the new evaluation that must be completed. Be sure to note at the bottom of the updated application that you are withdrawing your previous application.