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Name and Logo Usage

Use of University Name

The University name is Clayton State University. The entire name should be used in all references to the University. Clayton State may be used as a secondary reference when the full name has been used preceding it. Avoid using “CSU” except in situations where space is an issue for text.

Logo Usage

What is a logo?

A logo or wordmark is a recognizable and distinctive graphic design, stylized name, unique symbol, or other device for identifying an institution, organization, or business. When used consistently, it helps create a clear and memorable identity and becomes a symbol that provides audiences with immediate and powerful recognition and association with the institution.

Clayton State University has four official marks—the Clayton State University logo, wordmark, university seal, and athletic logo.  The wordmark may be widely-used by the Clayton State community, while the university seal and athletic logos are available for more selective use.

Who owns the University’s logos?

University identity marks are the property of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and are registered trademarks. The Board of Regents sets guidelines for how the marks can be used and requires that individual institutions assume responsibility for monitoring and protecting such usage.

These guidelines apply to anyone who might use a Clayton State University identity mark: faculty, staff, students, departments, internal and external organizations, printers, businesses, and vendors. Authorization for appropriate and accurate use of Clayton State’s identity marks is essential to compliance with Board of Regents policy (7.11.8 Trademarks) as well as to positively promoting the University.

*IMPORTANT - Logos are not to be altered in any way. This includes changes in color, shape and dimension. The official University logos are legally protected trademarks appearing on official communications (online and print), partnerships and sponsorships. Failure to abide by these strict guidelines may result in the need to reproduce materials at the cost of the unit or department who created such materials. The Office of Marketing and Communications must approve any alternate uses of the logo.

To request approval to use the logo or word mark by selecting a graphic design request on The Office of Marketing and Communications project request form and we will review your request.

Logo and Wordmark

Logo and Wordmark

View the Clayton State University Brand Standards