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Event Bookings

Events Qualifying events Macots will participate at on-campus events and games and as approved at off-campus events
(off-site championship games, Board of Regents events, campus promotional events, Homecoming parades, etc.). Qualifying non-athletic, on-campus events include, but are not limited to:

  • Campus-sanctioned events
  • Pep Rallies
  • Auxiliary Services Promotions
  • Events organized by Recognized Student Organizations
  • Events organized by campus service departments (Homecoming, Open House, Freshman Premier, etc.)
  • Alumni events

Non-qualifying events (some exceptions may be made)

  • Off-campus, non-athletic events
  • Parties, reunions, receptions

Reservations and scheduling All requests for Mascots will be coordinated by the Auxiliary Services Marketing Coordinator and authorized based upon availability and appropriateness of event.

  • Requests must be submitted online via Qualtrics survey at least two weeks prior to event -
  • By submitting a request, requestors acknowledge agreement of these policies and procedures.
  • By submitting a request, you acknowledge availability of sufficient funds in your student assistant account to cover appearance fee (see below).

Weekday (Monday - Friday)

$30 minimum for first 2-hour increment (or partial)  $15.00 per hour (or partial) beyond first two hours

Weekend (Saturday or Sunday)

$40/two-hour event (or partial)  $20.00 per hour (or partial) beyond first two hours

All funds will go to student playing Mascot. Auxiliary Services retains none of the fee.

  • Mascot charge will post to the requesting department’s payroll.

Appearance Policies  Event expectations (appropriate/inappropriate behavior)  While performing at an event, the Mascot is expected to interact and perform as appropriate for the venue. 

  • Mascot’s identity should be kept secret at all times. 
  • Be a positive representative of the University and promote school spirit 
  • Should not be distracting during the national anthem, when another group is performing or someone is speaking, during serious injuries, or anytime that is deemed inappropriate. 
  • Never dress/undress in public 
  • Never speak while in costume except to the handler as needed 
  • Never degrade officials, athletes, or any guests of an event

Arrival time for events 

  • Mascot will arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each event to dress and prepare for event.

Handler/Assistant Requesting department is expected to provide a handler/assistant for the Mascot before, during, and after an event. Handler’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Assistance with getting into and out of costume, if needed 
  • Escort to performance location 
  • Crowd control at event 
  • Communication with individuals or groups on behalf of the Mascot (Mascot is not allowed to speak while performing) 
  • Encourage crowd participation 
  • Assist the Mascot with movement from location to location 
  • Assist with handling small items or fliers because of the Mascot’s limited dexterity 
  • Monitor the Mascot’s physical needs such as water and break from wearing the head


  • The Mascot should be given at least one water break during any event over one hour or as needed based upon heat 
  • Water or costume breaks should be conducted in private

Event Cancellations

  • We request at least 48 hours notice to cancel an appearance by the Mascot at an event.
  • Cancellations should be submitted by email to the Auxiliary Servcies Marketing Coordinator.

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