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Important Things to Remember

  • Except under certain circumstances, you cannot receive VA Educational Benefits with a Post-Baccalaureate student type.  
  • VA Educational Benefits do not include non-required courses.  Non-required courses are:
    • Courses that are not listed as part of the student’s program requirements (Please review Student Handbook/Curriculum Worksheet)
    • Requirements that are already successfully satisfied, according to the program standards  
  • If a course is approved by the Department as a substitution for a required course, please submit an approved course substitution form to me for adjustments to enrollment certification.   
  • Changes to your enrollment, attendance, charges, waivers, financial aid awards (HOPE), majors/minors, and such like can affect VA Educational Benefits.   
  • Sometimes overpayments may result in the student owing additional funds to the Department of Veterans Affairs and/or the University.  Please be mindful of the final charges and the amounts paid on your behalf to determine if overpayments will exist.    
  • There is no break pay available between terms/semesters.  Benefits for the courses only apply when classes are in session.  Please be mindful when taking ½ session courses, eCore courses, or any other courses with different beginning and ending dates.   
  • For terms beginning prior to August 15, 2019, Hybrid and online courses are considered distance courses according to VA regulations  
  • For terms beginning after August 15, 2019, Hybrid courses are considered on-campus; online courses are still considered distance  
  • Full time
    • Undergraduate Degree Programs: 12 credits or more
    • Graduate Degree Programs: 9 credits or more
    • Summer varies in regards to VA Educational Benefits.  After the calendar for Summer is posted, please inquire about the number of credit hours required for full time VA benefits for Summer  
  • When benefits are exhausted during the semester, the amount paid out for the benefits can be affected (including the amount paid for tuition and fees).  Please be sure to notify the office when your benefits are exhausted.     
  • If you do not officially withdraw from a course, but you stop attending classes/stop submitting assignments, then your VA Educational Benefits can be affected.  This may result in you owing money to VA and/or the University.   
  • In the event that VA does not pay benefits, it is the student’s responsibility to pay any outstanding balances.  Prior to registration, negative balances should be paid in full.