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Chapter 31: Veterans Readiness & Employment  (VR&E)

Active Duty Service Members that

  • Expect to receive an honorable discharge upon separation from active duty and
  • Obtain a memorandum rating of 20% or more from the VA

Veterans that

  • Have a service-connected disability rating of at least 10% or
  • A memorandum rating of at least 20% from the Department of Veterans Affairs

Basic period of eligibility is 12 years from the latter of the following

  • Date of separation from active military service or
  • Date the veteran was first notified by VA of a service-connected disability rating

How to Apply for Chapter 31: Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment benefits

Electronic submission is the most effective method

  • Step 1: Student completes and submits an electronic VA Form 28-1900
  • Step 2: After submitting the application electronically, student will get a confirmation message.  The message will include details about the student's next steps.  Students should follow the instructions provided by VA/VR&E Counselor.  
  •  Step 3:   Student completes and submits the Veterans Basic Data Sheet to the Veterans Affairs Email (provided that the student has already applied to Clayton State University).
    •  While email is the most preferred method to submit documents, if it is not convenient, please feel free to submit the document(s) by any one of the following methods: 
      •  Fax: 678-466-4189
      •  Mail: 2000 Clayton State Blvd.  Edgewater Hall, Room 105  Morrow, Ga 30260
      •  In Office: Please submit to the Front Representative in the Office of Financial Aid (Edgewater Hall, Room 105)
      •  Secured Drop Box: Located outside of the Office of Financial Aid

VA Processes the application in the order they receive it.  VA may contact student for additional questions or if they need more information. 

If eligible for VR&E Benefits, VA will schedule a meeting with a VR&E Counselor.  The counselor will work with the student to create a personalized rehabilitation plan that outlines what VR&E services the student can receive and specific details of the program. 

If the VR&E Counselor approves the student for a specific degree program at Clayton State University, then the VR&E Counselor will send the approval to a portal for the school to retrieve.  Please be mindful that it can take 24-48 hours for the school to view/retrieve the approval.  The VA  Approvals include specific dates for the approval.  When the date expires, a new VA Approval is required.      

  • Approvals for the Tuition and Fees are sent to the Office of Financial Aid/VA
  • Approvals for the books/software/supplies are sent to the campus bookstore 

Benefits May Include

  • Comprehensive rehabilitation evaluation to determine abilities, skills, and interests for employment
  • Vocational counseling and rehabilitation planning for employment services
  • Employment services such as job-training, job-seeking skills, resume development and other work readiness assistance
  • Assistance in finding and keeping a job, including special employer incentives and job accommodations
  • Supportive rehabilitation services including case management, counseling and medical referrals
  • Independent living services for Veterans unable to work due to the severity of their disabilities
  • Post-Secondary Training
    • Tuition and Fees for required courses
    • Required Books and Software
    • Supplies up to $40
    • Monthly Housing Stipend: Please discuss with VR&E Counselor.  An estimate is provided below:

Rates are subject to change annually. The rate change is usually effective October 1st of each year. The rates reflected below are effective October 1, 2022.

Chapter 31: VA Vocational Readiness & Employment Rates 

Time Without Dependents With 1 Dependent With 2 Dependents Additional Dependents
Full Time $723.56/month $897.51/month $1057.65/month $77.07
¾ Time $543.68/month $674.11/month $790.75/month $59.30
½ Time $363.77/month $450.71/month $529.79/month $39.55

In order to calculate your benefits, please feel free to use the GI Bill® Comparison Tool.

**Under the Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Improvements Act of 2010, Chapter 31 Students with Chapter 33 Eligibility remaining can receive Chapter 33 Monthly rates. Please feel free to review the information regarding Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill

In compliance with The Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018, Clayton State University does not impose a penalty to Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill recipients nor Chapter 31: Vocational Rehabilitation recipients due to the delayed disbursement of funds from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).  Clayton State University allows eligible students to attend scheduled courses and receive on-campus services, provided that the student has submitted a copy of the approval for entitlement to education assistance under Chapters 33 (Certificate of Eligibility/Statement of Benefits) and/or Chapters 31 approvals (to include current term).  The approvals should be submitted to Clayton State University's Office of Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs prior to the fee payment deadline.  

Changes to eligibility, enrollment, schedule, attendance, programs of study and such like can affect your VA Educational Benefits.

Changes to Degree program:

  • Prior to changing your major, get permission from your VR&E Counselor.
  • After approved, please have your VR&E Counselor submit the approval with the new major
  • Minors must also be approved by the VR&E Counselor

If you have any questions or concerns about eligibility or payments, please feel free to contact your VR&E Counselor at 404-929-3152