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Arts & Sciences Leadership Team


Dr. Nasser Momayezi

Dr. Nasser Momayezi
Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

Assistant Deans

Dr. Michelle Furlong

Dr. Michelle Furlong
Assistant Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Dennis Attick

Dr. Dennis Attick
Assistant Dean of the School of Education

Joe Johnson

Dr. Joe Johnson
Interim Assistant Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

Department Chairs

Paul Melvin

Dr. Paul Melvin
Chair of Biology

Cass Parker

Dr. Cass D. Parker
Chair of Chemistry & Physics

Mary Lamb

Dr. Mary Lamb
Chair of English

Adam Tate

Dr. Adam L. Tate
Chair of Humanities

Jason Davis

Dr. Jason Davis
Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies

Antoinette Miller

Dr. Antoinette Miller
Chair of Psychology

Josh Meddaugh

Dr. Joshua Meddaugh
Chair of Social Sciences

Terre Johnson

Dr. Terre Johnson
Chair of Visual & Performing Arts

Administrative Staff

Yelonda Settles

Yelonda Settles
Executive Assistant to the Dean