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Making Things Better

It’s our priority here at Clayton State to make dreams real for our students. But that goal cannot happen without the support of our faculty, staff, and even our students.

To that end, we believe it is important to recognize the great work of individuals who make a difference each day on campus and in the community.

The Presidential “Making Things Better” Award is the President’s way of saying thank you—we know that success should be rewarded and inspire others to do greater.

Nominations of individuals or groups of people among Clayton State faculty, staff and students are accepted in the fall semester. Winners are announced at an annual ceremony. Six $500 awards are given annually, generously funded by the Clayton State University Foundation.

Making Things Better event is November 6, 2019 from 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. in the Crescent Theatre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to make a nomination?  Any member of the Clayton State community may make a nomination.

Who is eligible to be nominated?  An eligible nominee can be an individual faculty or staff*, departments, and student organizations**.

Any nominee (whether an individual or a group) is eligible for only one $500 award per annual award cycle. Nominees may be made in multiple years; however, winners of the President’s “Making Things Better” Awards are excluded from the award for the next two award cycles.

*Members of the President’s Cabinet are not eligible for nomination.

** Departments, Areas, Organizations and Groups.

Winners selected will be comprised of the following:

  • Two faculty
  • Two staff
  • Two departments or organizations

What is being recognized?  The goal is to recognize great work performed at Clayton State University that goes above and beyond to make things better, reinforcing our belief in the institution as a supportive community.

Be it a single instance or event, or work over several years, or even an entire career—these individuals are recognized for their achievements and efforts that make a difference in the lives of people at Clayton State, and/or the communities we serve.

How do I make a nomination?   Nominations are made online. The nomination should indicate the reasons why the nominee(s) is/are worthy of this recognition, and provide evidence to support those reasons.

What’s the deadline for nominations?  Nominations may be made this year until the deadline of October 14, 2019.   

Who reviews the nominations?  A review committee is appointed by the President, based on recommendations made by the President’s Extended Cabinet.

When are award recipients announced?  Award recipients will be announced at a ceremony to be held on campus on November 6, 2019.

How may the awards be used?  The awards may be used by recipients as they choose, without restriction. Each winning nominee will also receive a commemorative item that embodies what the “Making Things Better” Awards recognize.

Previous Winners

Fall 2018

Faculty Dr. Abigail Kolb Dr. Mark Daddona

Staff Keeshi White Mary Riley

Organizations/Departments Center for Academic Success Center for Advising and Retention

Fall 2017

Faculty Dr. Joshua Meddaugh Ms. Jillian Jones

Staff Jeri Trenova Donna Taffar

Organizations/Departments Alpha Phi Omega Public Safety Patrollers

Spring 2017

Faculty Dr. Antoinette Miller Dr. Tatiana Krivosheev

Staff Dolores Cox Sandra Starr

Organizations/Departments Center for Instructional Development Office of Career Services

Spring 2016

Faculty Dr. J. Celeste Walley-Jean Dr. Debra Cody

Staff Ruth Scandrett Deborah Carey

Organizations/Departments AmeriCorps Student Activities Center

Fall 2014

Faculty Judith Ogden, College of Business Scott Bailey, College of Information & Mathematical Sciences

Staff Atawanna Royal, Campus Life Celena Milner, Orientation & New Student Programs

Organizations/Departments Orientation and New Student Programs First-Year Advising and Retention Center

Spring 2014

Faculty John Campbell, College of Arts & Sciences Jim Braun, College of Arts & Sciences

Staff Leslie Moore, Academic Outreach Karen Blackburn, Disability Resource Center

Organizations/Departments Laker Angels Department of Campus Life