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CSU 2027 Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Process

President's Charge to the Steering Committee

  • Work with faculty, staff, students, alumni, community partners, and other stakeholders to define the vision, mission, and values for Clayton State, aligned with the strategic goals of the University System of Georgia, for the next three years.
  • Review, analyze, and embrace data gathered from town halls, focus groups, working groups, and others to formulate priority institutional goals and objectives
  • Serve collegially and collaboratively to develop a plan that is transformative and innovative to address the university’s unique needs 
  • Lay aside self-interests to serve the good of the university as a whole
  • Prioritize the work of the committee to ensure the program schedule is successfully met
  • Communicate proactively with colleagues and constituents about the work of the Steering Committee to ensure engagement and awareness

Status Updates

March - April 2023

Key Activities

  • Pres. Lewis named Co-Chairs and Executive  Council members
  • Executive Council selected Steering Committee members
  • Executive Council interviewed consulting groups to assist with planning
  • Executive Council began gathering and reviewing relevant internal and external data

May - June 2023

Key Activities

  • Executive Council selected and engaged Huron Consulting Group
  • Kick-off meeting of the Steering Committee held
  • President charged the Steering Committee
  • Phase 0 completed with Huron
    • Huron met biweekly with Executive Council
    • Desired outcomes and timeline discussed
    • Relevant data was obtained, analyzed, and shared
  • Phase 1 commenced with Huron
    • Huron began working on market scan and benchmarking analysis
    • Huron attended June meeting of Steering Committee
    • Huron held several small group interviews with Steering Committee members
    • Surface themes began to emerge based on Executive Council and Steering Committee meetings

July 2023

Key Activities

  • Executive Council worked with MarComm to develop a word mark, tagline, and website
  • Huron asked Executive Council to begin identifying internal and external stakeholders to engage to contribute to the planning process
  • Huron facilitated a strategic planning session with the Cabinet and Extended cabinet at the President’s Workshop
  • At monthly Steering Committee meeting, Huron shared preliminary results of market scan and benchmarking analysis

August 2023

Key Activities

  • Co-Chairs provided strategic planning updates at President's fall faculty meeting and per the request of the College of Health
  • Executive Council finalized its list of external stakeholders and submitted it for the President's approval
  • Executive Council created tentative schedule of internal engagements for September when Huron plans to make campus visits
  • Executive Council worked with MarComm to finalize the website

September 2023 - October 2023

Key Activities

  • Strategic Planning Website launched
  • Completed engagements with various internal and external community members through 1:1 interviews, focus groups, workshops, and surveys
  • Held monthly Steering Committee meetings to review market scan and benchmarking analysis, share feedback from engagements, and discuss potential mission, values, and priorities related to the same.

November 2023 - December 2023

Key Activities

  • Held Steering Committee meeting to finalize draft mission, vision, and values as well as discuss priority areas of focus
  • Facilitated thematic workshops based on four priority areas to develop proposed signature initiatives and related metrics to measure success
  • Met with President Lewis and Cabinet to introduce and discuss the draft mission, vision, and values, as well as four enabling capabilities
  • Hosted Town Hall Meeting (which 130+ attended) to share the draft mission, values, vision, priority areas of focus, and enabling capabilities, solicit feedback, and answer questions

January 2024

Key Activities

  • Huron met with the Divisional Cabinet to discuss foundational capabilities
  • Huron drafted the strategic plan
  • Executive Council, President, and Divisional Cabinet reviewed the draft plan
  • Co-chairs met with MarComm to discuss the plan design, including layout and visuals for the glossy brochure version

February 2024 - March 2024

Key Activities

  • Co-Chairs held meetings with President Lewis, Executive Council, and Huron to finalize the plan
  • Co-Chair attended Clayton County Comprehensive Plan Meeting
  • Co-Chairs began planning for the strategic plan launch event on April 11 at 11 in Spivey Hall
  • Co-Chairs presented the content of the final draft of the plan to the Faculty Senate
  • Co-Chairs presented the content of the final draft of the plan to the Staff Council
  • Co-Chairs and Huron assembled the implementation champions to discuss the implementation process and their roles in the launch event.

April 2024

Key Activities

  • Clayton State University launched Strategic Plan 2024-2027.