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General Counsel and Legal Affairs FAQs

No, the General Counsel only represents the university, including faculty and staff in matters associated with the performance of their institutional duties. If faculty, staff, students or other individuals have other legal issues, they should contact a private attorney. See the Georgia Bar Association website State Bar of Georgia (

Yes, contracts require a review by Operation Services and should be submitted into the ServiceNow portal.

The President has the authority to sign all contracts on behalf of the university. The President has delegated to the Provost the authority to sign Faculty Contracts and to the Vice President for Business and Operations to sign all other contracts. The Vice President for Business and Operations has delegated the authority for designated individuals to sign agreements for less than $2499.00 on standard template forms on certain contracts within their area of responsibility.

If you are served with a subpoena or any other legal documents that designate Clayton State University or you in your capacity as employee, or the subpoena or legal document otherwise relates to the operations of the university, immediately notify the General Counsel, identify all documents in your possession, custody or control that are responsive to the legal document, and promptly deliver those document to the Office of the General Counsel. If you are served with a subpoena regarding a personal matter, even if you are served while on campus, you should seek the advice of a private lawyer.

Any time you are contacted by a lawyer from outside of Clayton State regarding any Clayton State business, you should refer the lawyer to the General Counsel to determine how to manage their request.

This is true. Like written communication, e-mail or texts sent or received in the course of employment at Clayton State is generally subject to disclosure.

They save time because they already contain both those provisions which Clayton State or DOAS requires, and the most common provisions requested by vendors or sponsors.

All media inquiries should be immediately directed to the Office of Marketing & Communications. The appropriate person in that office will manage the matter.

Yes, employees of Clayton State University should follow all applicable IRB policies and if in doubt, reach out to the IRB chair.

When a situation may result in a claim or lawsuit against the university, or if you think you have a legal issue related to university business, you should discuss it with your supervisor and Department Head/Dean/Vice President. Once you have determined seeking advice or assistance is appropriate, please contact the General Counsel’s Office. The matter will be evaluated, and next steps determined. Other attorneys from the University System Office or the Attorney General’s office and other professionals may be contacted as appropriate.