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Budget 2011

The University's FY11 new budget expenditures were influenced greatly by the work of the Planning and Budget Advisory Committee. This budget reflects investments in learning consistent with our emerging University strategic goals. The major expenditures identified in this year’s budget emphasized vital areas of academic programs and student support. In the main, funding sources are new tuition revenues and Regent allocations. Our intention is to increase offerings in courses by hiring additional faculty (17 including library faculty); to increase student tutoring to increase academic success; to provide access to more counselors; and to increase student wage monies to name just a few of the priorities. Because of continuing economic pressures certain funds (designated as “Contingency to be distributed if available” on the following sheet will be held to anticipate potential continued reductions in our budget.

The University's FY10 end of the year projects focused on significant investments for academic programs (such as completion of BHS renovations and BHS Annex equipment and classroom improvements); protection of university facilities and grounds (such as roof repairs, mechanical system maintenance, water lines, and CSU East renovations), and general operations support.

FY11 New Funding
FY10 Year End Spending
FY11 Budget Reduction Strategies

Dr. Tim Hynes