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ACT (Residual)

You must apply for admissions to Clayton State University before testing!

ACT Test scores can only be used for Clayton State University and cannot be transfered to another institution or put on your transcripts.

You must wait 60 days between Residual ACT Tests.

The Testing Center is located at Clayton State - East in Arbor Hall, room 121. Our address is 5823 Trammell Road, Morrow, GA 30260. View the map for Clayton State - East.

Taking the Residual ACT Test at Clayton State will provide entrance scores for the Clayton State University Admissions Office. Your scores cannot be sent to other institutions, and you must have applied to Clayton State before testing. Your scores can never be put on you Clayton State Transcripts.

ACT Dates & Times

To be determined at a later date!

To reserve your spot to test, register and pay $60 at least a week in advance to ensure seating as follows: Pay by credit or debit card at: Testing Center Store. Make sure that you have completed the registration through the final steps to generate an order confirmation, or you will not be registered for the test.

Students may test only once every 60 days on the Residual ACT. If you do not test after you register and pay, $56 of your $60 fee will be refunded.

You are encouraged to take the national ACT exam. To receive more information, including preparation advice and practice questions for the national or our local exam, visit the ACT website: For additional free online practice, go to

Required scores for Freshman must be a minimum ACT Composite score of 17 with at least  17 in English and 17 in Math.  Required minimums for Dual Enrollment are Composite score of 20 with at least 17 Math and 17 English.

ACT Residual Score reports will normally be mailed to you within a week after the exam.

Clayton State University's Residual ACT Testing for Spring 2021 admissions for Dual Enrollment Applicants, $60 exam fee, payable at registration, register and pay at least one week in advance to ensure seating. You must be a Clayton State applicant to test--apply at least a week before the exam.

Residual ACT may only be taken once every 60 days.

Arrive 15 minutes early to check in. Allow 4 hours to complete the exam.

What to Bring

  • All students MUST have proper photo ID that would consist of a "state issued" learner's permit, driver's license, or passport. No test will be given without official proof of identification.
  • Two #2 pencils--Not mechanical!
  • Calculator–optional. You must provide your own calculator, and you may not share one with another person. Check rules on the national testing websites below for permitted calculators.